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    Note:GFR is currently looking for DJ's with in the US to fill slots available most days of the week. if interested contact EF or Gordy of GFR or myself for more information.


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    So this is a show that has been a couple weeks in the works & I am now proud to present my Ultrasonic Warhead Radio Special. You may of heard about the Remix competition of Diplomat’s Ultrasonic Warhead track hosted recently on GFR By Lloyd Da Zoid & Diplomat (Electro Ave show.) 5 tracks were selected to be released on the Electro Ave Label & 21 entered so of course not all these great tracks could be selected. For these tracks I have gathered up 10 of them to rock on the show & for all my listeners to download & enjoy for Free. (Download link below)The official UW Remix Release will feature the 5 competition winners including Direct Control, Ras, Hitachi II, Prototype, Invisible Rockers & also a remix by Lloyd Da Zoid & Diplomats mighty original which came out in 2003 on Electro Lab records. This week I began my show with Diplomat’s original version of Ultrasonic Warhead followed by some more diplomat tunes & Street Sounds Master mixes & rocking Ultrasonic remixes from Special Ed, Morphogenetic, EF, DJ R21, & Dj Xed mixed throughout the show. Also in this weeks show I dropped some new vinyl releases from Hadamard, Dibu-Z, 214, & Boris Divider. Also during I dropped a couple tracks from Komarken Electronics, beginning with a couple tunes from their Komarken Electronic Research Center album which was released on Luke Eargoggle’s Stilleben Records in 07. Followed by their track from Dominance Electricity’s Global Surveyor Remix album out now. Also this week I dropped a nasty new tune from Drumatix Six off his new EP I Sold my Soul For Robot Control out now in digi formats. This is his second EP following his first EP Neighbourhood Threat also released on Intellegenix . This last release was listed on Junodownload.com’s recommended Electro downloads for February, 2010. Drumatix Six is a Canadian producer who brought electro beats to clubs around Ontario trying to sway the crowds away from the techno and house sounds that most crowds expected from DJ’s. This I myself know to be a difficult task. You can be sure to hear more news from D6 watch out for his next EP coming out on Battery Park Studio Screaming in the Night & until then rock his new EP featuring remixes from Snuff Crew & Darank. Finally finishing up this weeks show with a track from LektroiD off the Advanced Funk vol.1 LP. This album has been months in the works & Vinyl & digitals have finally been released. You can now order this compilation on the binalogproductions.gr website.

    Click to Download the Ultrasonic Warhead Remix PackFeaturing remixes by Morphogenetic, Dj R21, Dj Xed, Special Ed, EF, Skelly, Leeroy, Monti Rock, John E Alpha, & Lucien Reden

    note: I uploaded as a rar file to sendspace & i'm not to happy with sendspace anymore. I understand with a free upload they have to advertise but some of the spam looks like a download button. TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE MAKE SURE TO SCROL DOWN & CLICK THE LINK THAT SAYS THE FILENAME. & enjoy :)

    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead
    Diplomat - Nu Electro 1 Mastermix
    Diplomat - Get Your Ass To Mars
    Basscelona - City Of Bass (Diplomat Remix)
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead (Special Ed Heavy B mix)
    Hadamard - Touch The Floor
    Global Surveyor (Dr Schmidt Remix)
    Reeno - QUADRANT 77 - Mu-Tron Man
    Drumatix Six - I Am Your Enemy
    Defekt - stimulus
    Komarken Electronics - Earthlings
    Komarken Electronics - Who Are They
    Komarken Electronics - Avoid Society
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead (Morphogenetic remix)
    Boris Divider - Metal Machine Combat
    Syntonic - workdatbody - Drumatix Six Remix
    214 - Live Animals
    Pip Williams - Scanners
    Diplomat - Nu Electro 2 Mastermix
    EF - Ultrasonic Warehead (Dimension X Remix X)
    Hadamard - The King
    Hadamard - I Ain't Having That
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead (DJ Xed remix)
    Paul Blackford - Quasar (Sol_Dat Remix)
    Andrew Red Hand - 8000 km To Go
    Dibu - Z -
    DJ Natural Nate - Cosmic Destruction
    LektroiD - Parametric Shift
    DJ R21 Ultrasonic Warhead Remix v4
    Download Full Show
    Full List Of Feeds Here

  • tracklist:
    Alek Stark - Darkness(All Is Full Of Love)
    Anthony Rother - Human Made
    Boris Divider - The Last Resistance
    Darkmode - StarGate
    Hadamard - Studio Gangster EP
    Aux 88 - Electro Slaves
    Aux 88 - Space Satalites
    Aux 88 - Extraterrestrial Time Travelers
    Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain
    ChavCow - The Exorcist
    Chavcow - Remember the Dove Days
    Equitant - Elemente (DR.Siak Remix)
    Dez Williams - 2 Close 4 Comfort
    Dibu - Z - Asteroid Rider
    datacrashrobot - communication probe
    214 - The Curves Neck
    Bitstream- Orange Room
    Signal Type - Future Funked (Abstrakt Knights Remix)
    Bionix - Muzik Teknology
    Robot Machine (Kronos Device Remix)
    Dark Times (Bass Junkie's Technological Terror Mix)
    Mirage - ElectroMech (DJ R21 Remix)

  • Quote from gammachild;46452

    cool mix, thx brotha :cylon: Even some Chavcow ;)

    Thanks Gamma glad u liked the show, yea Chavcow did a great job with his new tune the Exorcist.

  • tracklist:
    Becquerel Brigade - Ultra Deep Hibernation Probe
    Silent Strangers - A Mirror Factory
    Gangway Invasion - Welcome to Planet 808
    Dibu-z - autopilot
    R21 - Pop Bot
    Bass Junkie - Sub-Mission (Control The Bass)
    Utilizer - Transmiter
    Audiogenetics - Cymatix
    Luke Eargoggle - I Need Your Magic
    GFR Interlude
    Grow - Edgar Adam Grow's Violent Worm
    Dexorcist - The Stalker
    Micro Control Unit - My Space Machine
    Lightyear - Inside Area 51
    Umwelt - Secret Of A Black World Part 2
    Ctrl.Alt.Del - Nightvision GPS updated
    Boris Divider - Let You Down
    Boris Divider - La Hora De Las Maquinas
    Boris Divider - Soul of my world
    Boris Divider - Evolucion
    Boris Divider - Digital Mind
    Mirage - ElectroMech (Binalog Dark Funk remix)
    Mirage - ElectroMech EMP Mix
    Beat Crush Crew - Electroshock
    The Boyz From Tronn - The Rock
    Gangway Invasion - Coming to your Station...
    ....Elevator Music
    ....Saturns Rings
    ....I Eat Haters
    ....(I Hate Eaters)
    ....Solid Gold


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    Full Tracklist:
    The Breakniks - Earth 1 & 2
    Morphogenetic - An Orwellian Dream
    Morphogenetic - The Secret War
    Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back
    DJ Xed - Bass your fears feat. DJ K1
    DJ XED - Spectral Subspace
    Alavux - Natasha's Funk
    Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead (Skelly's All About The Beats Mix)
    Hadamard - I Ain’t Having That
    MCU - Next Generation
    Computor Rockers - Distributed Processing
    Alek Stark - Lights In The Horizon
    Luke Eargoggle - Mind Of A Moog
    Darkmode - Innocence
    DJ Hash - Chrome Position
    Prototype - Stimme Der Energie (Binalog's Advanced Remix)
    Kronos Device - Atom Smasher
    Eleztrik Body - Future LoFi
    Koova - Errosion
    DeFeKt - Our Future
    MCU - Save the World
    Hitachi II - Tokyo City (Dub Mix)
    Dynamixx Prince - Noize Electro
    Hadamard - Rollin' On Chrome
    Kronos Device - Below The Surface (DBS Remix)
    DeFeKt - We Are Automated
    Cody Commando - Motive

  • 8) Nice 1 bro for playing the EP and of course the mention regarding Gangway Invasion (scratches) :cylon:

  • Quote from skeme;46525

    Thanks Gamma glad u liked the show, yea Chavcow did a great job with his new tune the Exorcist.

    Thanks Matt for the comment on my Exorcist track. Appreciate it my friend! :)

  • tracklist:
    DVS NME - Chrononaut
    Global Surveyor (Roadking Remix)
    Mirage - ElectroMech (Binalog Dark Funk remix)
    The Artificial Arm - Welcome To Planet Funk (Revisited DJ Intro Version)
    George Tsakiris feat. Binalog - Afro Spacecraft
    Mirage - ElectroMech (Diplomat Remix)
    UKV - Mizar
    Mandroid - Anti-Gravity Machines (Morphogenetic Remix)
    Rogue Frequency - Forgotten Secrets (Defekt Remix)
    Keen K - 8 Puls Beat
    Microthol - Optical Refraction
    Submersible Machines - Blue Hole
    Prototype - HACK THE MACHINE
    Donnie Diggler - EVOLUTION(Magnetic Bass Force Remix)
    Drumatix Six - 2 LUV U
    MCU - Major Malfunction (Cryogenetic Remix)
    Astoria Bass - Astoria Porno Star
    Binalog Freq - Elements (R21 5th Element Remix)
    Pip Williams - Ozone Layer
    Binalog Freq - Elements (Pip Williams remix)
    Cody Commando - Collar Corporation
    DBS - Robot Machine (Kronos Device Remix)
    Donnie Diggler - EVOLUTION
    Computron - Feelz So Good (original mix)
    Dwellz Rawkz - GIV IT TO EM
    SBLES 3 PLEX - The Virtual Place Is The Future (N-Ter RMX)
    Bass Junkie - Interfearence

  • tracklist:
    Dj R21 - Subspace
    Hadamard - One Track Mind - Transient Force
    Aux 88 - If AM Was FM - Transient Force
    Cody Commando - Robots Porn - Crobot Muzik
    Blastromen - Metal Machine Victims - Dominance Electricity
    Dr. Schmidt - Robot's Dream - Maschinen Musik
    MicroControlUnit - Major Malfunction - Intellegenix
    Pip Williams - Multi Cellular
    Dwellz Rawkz - Stopped Clock - Devine Disorder
    GROW - Good Mourning - Devine Disorder(coming soon)
    Grow - Below Heaven - CHP Recordings Ltd.
    Danny Electro - Bass Over Miami(original) - Devine Disorder
    Frequency 528 - Implant To Evolve - Bass Frequency Productions
    Kobol Electronics - Intellicon - MinimalRome
    DJ Xed - Remote Control - Subsonic Device
    Dynarec - Fluid Leak - Southern Outpost
    Faceless Mind - Drakskeppet - Breakin' Records
    Metacomplex - Metaverse - Auditory Cortex Records
    Binalog Freq - Elements (Prototype remix) - Binalog Productions
    Luke Eargoggle - I'm You're Magic Man - Bunker
    Meka - Superdroid - Fundamental Records
    Nail - 1987 (Robodrum Borg Resurrection Remix)
    Rogue Frequency - Forgotten Secrets - Takeover Recordings
    Jauzas The Shining - Strange Particle (Electroberlin Rmx) - Transient Force
    Outro - Aux 88 - Completed [Outro 1]
    Hadamard - The Underground - Mighty Robot Recordings
    download here

  • download direct

    MCU - Save the World
    MCU - Electronic Slaves
    Galaxian - Pancake Wednesday
    Pip Williams - Computer Talk
    DJ Sonic - Flying Carpet Ride (Zoid Mix V2)
    BEAT CRUSH CREW - Rock The World
    (Battle Of The Year 2010 Soundtrack - Dominance Records)
    Split DJ - Noises
    Invisible Rockers Crew - Ultrasonic Warhead Remix
    DJ Mirage - Aquanaught
    DVS NME - Sentience (Binalog Freq remix)
    Sero - Interception System (Bonus Beats)
    The Exaltics - Different Places
    Binalog Freq - Elements (Noisebrigade remix)
    DeFeKt - Systolic Array
    Prototype - Ultrasonic Warhead
    Volsoc - Compuphonic (Jeff Taylor remix)
    Sync 24 - Resynth (Pathic remix)
    LektroiD - Parametric Shift
    DVS NME - Norse Funeral (Rawtary remix)
    Ctrl.Alt.Del - Nightvision GPS updated
    Pip Williams - Test Lab 1
    Datacrashrobot - Yarrow Algorithm
    bogger - mineral
    Global Surveyor REMIXES (Teaser Medley)
    Poltron Teaser

  • full track list:
    Binalog Freq - Elements
    Binalog Freq & George Tsakiris with Bodypoppers United - The Beat From The Street
    Binalog Freq - Transmission (Intergalactic B-Boy version)
    Binalog Freq - Stealth (Over Detroit Version)
    Binalog Freq - Stealth (Target the Enemy Version)
    Alavux - Generation 1980 (Binalog's Funkin' In Space remix)
    MIRAGE - PARASITE - (Forthcoming release on Battery Park Studio)
    KNIGHTZ OF BASS - Landed
    Black Electronics - Source Code Unknown
    Direct Control - Ultrasonic Warhead Remix
    Koova - Surveillance Nation
    Annie Hall - Defective Model
    Nick Wicked - Braver One
    Drumatix Six - Children Of The Sun
    Neonicle - Sonic Crystals
    Cody Commando - kontrol
    Alavux - Maschinen
    Black Electronics - 1984
    Drunk Electrician - Lazy Robot
    Sync 24 - Resynth (Plant 43 Remix)
    Sero - Interception System (S.I.S. Remix By DJ Overdose)
    Sero - Megamaid (Original)
    Sero - Interception System (Original)
    Subliminal (Spacemen) - KraftwerkZ
    Pip Williams - My Little Pocket Computer
    Nick Wicked - At The End Of The Universe (See You There)
    R21 - Shape Shifter (Forthcoming EP on Devine Disorder "Mourning Sickness")
    DVS NME - Norse Funeral (Original)
    download here

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