Royalty Free Vocal Samples

  • He Guys and Ladies.

    I`m looking for royalty free vocal samples.

    For example military CB-Funk samples and vintage vocals from 50`s 60`s or so......

    Does anyone know where to look.

    I already found a big site with military cb stuff but you are not allowed to use it in your productions so....

    I also know this big site "" where to download old radio stuff for free use, so check it out if you want.

  • No one? come on don`t leave me alone in the Rain.

    Ok. Ok on tuesday the first thing to do is getting myself a cinch/klinke thing and then i record my own vocals with my cheap sony mic.

    Hehe ;D

  • hi, i don't know a site for royalty free samples...
    but as long as its electro and you're not planning to make a top100 pop chart hit,
    i would not bother too much about copyrights to samples like this.
    of course making all sounds yourself is always the most original way anyway. 8)

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