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  • Has electroempire turned into a site discussing obscure sealed electro music once a month that knowone gives a shit about or is it still about old school classics that everyone loves but gets a little bored chatting about? please discuss

  • I never get bored chatting about 'old school classics'. There's always some people that think obscurity makes them a person with greater knowledge. Tho didn't everyone wind up their mates/fellow DJ's when they had something rare/rarer. I wound up alot of people in 84 with a tape(mite b called '12 Months A Year'-still not sure!) til i trusted my best mate not 2 play it 2 anyone-he let someone tape & it went all round the school! Grrr !!!
    Me & my DJ mate always bugged each other with remixes/import versions of tracks!
    One random example-he tried 2 bug me with 'Who Is It' doublepack(which i could have bought loads of anywhere),i bugged him with 'Ford Trax'(i never told him where i got it-Woolworths!).
    The only problem is knowledge from the past can b gained from the internet(Discogs,Ebay,YouTube,etc)-i.e. u could make make out u were in the 80's tho born in 95! Personally i only use YouTube/Discogs if something really bugs me that's slipped my mind(tho Discogs doesn't seem 2 list some things i've bought in the past!),& Ebay is 4 people with more money than sense(even if i had the money wouldn't buy alot of it!)!

  • In the words of Homer Simpson:

    A little from column a and a little from column b.

    My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant.

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