Electro 13

  • I think good straight up electro joints from 86 that could have made it onto Electro 13 would have been...

    Transform to Cybotron - Nitro Deluxe
    Beyond the Future - Latin Rascals
    The Dark Side of Egypt - Egyptian Lover
    Sweat - The Mechanic
    Thee Untold Story - Majestic Crew (maybe more Hip Hop but would have fit well)

  • Quote from Eclectro;37982

    What's on 13,as pretty much gave up after 11! Tho liked 15!
    Was that the one with mix of 'Ichiban Scratch' & 'Jam On Revenge'!

    You are thinking of Electro Crucial 3 that mixed Itchiban into Jam on Revenge.

    As for 13, that was the album that celebrated the UK Fresh gigs so had a balance of old tracks and new tracks of the time.

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