Newcastle Tiffanys "The Sidewalk" Reunion part 2

  • Indeed ... Bigger Faster Stronger & Better than last year for sure

    The SIDEWALK @ TIFFANY'S was born in the 80's, created by STESH and STEEVIO as an outlet for kids to showcase their dance skills, listen to the electro and hip hop sounds and be a part of the craze that was sweeping the uk in the 80's.
    A disscusion with friends in 2009 about SIDEWALK days, prompted WARREN PIERRE (aka MR.P) to create a reunion 24 years after SIDEWALK was created, to bring together all the old friends to once again and re live a bit of their youth. SIDEWALK REUNION was born,
    the rest is history in the making....

    This Year sees the Reunion Return on July 11th 2010 at Tiger Tiger in Newcastle with a state of the art sound system and as much oldschool as you can handle its sure to be one hell of a night

    so if your in the area and have nowt better to do feel free to flyby and bust some moves with the rest of the OAP B Boys & Girls

    More info soon...


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