DVNT - Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume3

  • Well it’s only taken nearly 2 years for the follow up to the amazingly well received 2nd volume of my Downbeaten series. You can grab Volume2 here, and Volume1 here.

    Programmed more than straight up, typical mixing. Intended as a continuous deep, lush, journey of beautiful sound. This is live on the MANTIS radio podcast (iTunes / RSS). Comments are very welcome and volume4 is slowly in the works. Photography and sleeve design is by makemassair.

    DVNT – Downbeaten Exploratory Interests Volume3
    download / stream / iTunes / RSS

    Ainm – Fields of Rabbath (DVNT dash 2 edit) [dub]
    Jari Pitkänen – Nousevat (DVNT greenbelt edit) [Enough Records]
    Dead TV Society – Sleep Chamber [Noxgenus]
    Ventolyn & Becotyde – Sativa [extract] (DVNT blink edit) [Alkalinear Recordings]
    Yourhighness – Resurrection [Emergence Records]
    Decal – Sunset (Being remix) [Decal-Artifacts]
    .at/on – Empty Skies (DVNT loop edit) [Complementary Distribution]
    subtractiveLAD – The Deep and Lovely Quiet [n5MD]
    Hildur Gudnadottir – Erupting Light [Touch]
    The Sight Below – New Dawn Fades [Ghostly International]
    Cordell Klier – Reflect [Cyclene Records]
    Slept. – Lull [Test Tube]
    Grouper – Pale Through [Root Strata]
    Ebola – Happy Nausea [Acroplane Recordings]
    Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2 [Raster-Noton]
    T.C.O. – Two Beasts (T.C.O. Weissen mix) (DVNT midswitch edit) [theCentrifuge]
    aAirial – Patiemment.. part1 [Laridae]
    Ainm – Fields of Rabbath (DVNT thnd edit) [dub]


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