Diplomat mix from last Saturday's Electro Ave show

  • Tracklist:

    Prologue - Funkadelic
    Don't Stop That Sound - Beat Crush Crew
    California Gurls - Katy Perry
    Beats On My Mine - DJ Xed
    Unique Morning - Prototype & Unique
    The Secret War - Morphogenetic
    Ch-ching - Lady Sovereign
    Remote Control - DJ Xed
    Bittersweet - Rob Real vs. Illektriss
    Pumping Dat Synth - The Monopolis
    Ultrasonic Warhead Remix - Astaronix
    Electric Moogins - Dave Alna
    Supercruise - Dr Siak
    What U Waiting For - Jungle Brothers
    Sori - UKV
    Positive - Marino 69
    Monster - Lady Gaga
    Plan E - Dark Vektor
    Create Me - Robodrum
    Shut Up & Drive - Rihanna
    Maple Street - Computron
    Radio Transmissions - N-ter



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