Dj Eddie B from Bass Rock Express, Its time to Rock the house etc.

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to introduce myself to the boards. Im an old school Dj/Artist/Producer with some of my own tracks ( Its Time to Rock the house ) and was also the Dj for Mc Ade of Bass Rock Express / Bass Mechanic / Nightmare on ADE Street etc, the Godfather of whats known as Miami bass.

    Now that Im done tooting my own horn, I wanted to say Im glad Ive found this place. Ive been out of music for a minute and a year or so back had seen Egyptian Lover down in miami and he was telling me Electro is still big in Europe and other countries ( not the US ). Ive had a chance to produce hip hop here and probably could have made alot of $$ but Electronic music is what Ive always loved since my first Kraftwerk 12 inch of TransEuropeExpress and Computer World.

    Im working on some tracks now and would love to get some input from people here if possible on what type of Electro is happening right now. What artists are hot etc. I still want to produce what I produce but would like some input so I know whats hot and how I can better structure my tracks. Also would love some critique of tracks Im already working on

    What programs do you guys use, vsts, hardware etc. Hopefully we can get a discussion going. Thanks guys, I appreciate any help!

    Dj Eddie B

  • Cool nice to see you here Eddie and thanks for poppin in the chatroom during
    my Electro Datastream Show the other night.

    Good luck with your tracks look forward to hearing them if you havn't
    done so already Soundcloud is a good place to post your tracks to
    as people can leave comments at points in your actual tracks.

    Quite new to producing tracks myself with only a few months experience
    i'm using Reason at the moment,but also use Ableton.

    Would like to buy some hardware synths etc and will do once i've saved up

    Paece bro

    M :blaster:

  • Awesome, Thanks man, Ill check that out. Let me know when youre doing another mix on here as I didnt figure out how to hear your last one in chat....

  • welcome to EE, Eddie! 8)

    i wouldn't say (our type of) Electro is big in Europe, as its really more of an
    underground thing, but within this scene the enthusiasm has always been big. 8)

    as for new release / sounds... maybe check some of the podcasts or the
    new releases posted in the "Electro 1990-..." forum section.

    looking forward to hear your new productions!

  • hi again eddie ,,

    ill not mention crop circles lol..

    welcome to the empire . 8)

    gearwise ,software i mainly use logic as primary sequencer with various vsts ,
    use the comp mostly for drums and fx and mastering ..leave the synthesis to dedicated hardware, mostly classic analogue style stuff.and a tr808 for electro of course..

    recently got into ableton live on the software front too, used it for playing/mixing my tracks live
    on a laptop...still programming it up,but very usefull software in a live environment..


  • lol, hahahahaha, dont tell me youre here, jesus. Man you know me already and can see Im going to have to chill out as Im already in deep with another artist here thats saying booty music is talentless, lol. He may have a point but Id never admit it, ha!

    Regarding software, man, I just started using Ableton and WOW, so much easier to create. I had been using FL Studio to make beats ( so easy ) cubase and a million plugins. I was going to get Maschine but may wait. Ableton looked cheesy but Im glad I looked into it. Really nice.

    I have alot of hardware too so will be popping out some music here soon. Good to see you here. Im gong to make a song about crop circles man, lol

  • This is my MC ADE & DJ Eddie B top 5:

    1. Nightmare on ADE street
    2. Transformer
    3. Bass Mechanic
    4. DJ Eddie B
    5. Da train

    So if you keep it like that with a little bit of nu electro spin in it, color me happy! 8)


  • What Im working on is something I dont even know how to categorize at the moment. Sounds a bit electro, with rap, some vocoder, some breakbeat, I dont know, lol.

  • Quote from Dj Eddie B;42031

    What Im working on is something I dont even know how to categorize at the moment. Sounds a bit electro, with rap, some vocoder, some breakbeat, I dont know, lol.

    show us show us!! come on!!

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