• Hello

    I've put online for free download my first project of 11 songs "Is Human
    Experimental" finalize in 2000 (oulala. .. it's old).

    how it works:

    Px-Tx-"Project Name"-title music

    P = Project
    X = Number
    T = Track
    x = Number

    With the first project is a compilation of work done, experiments with the sounds and rhythms, in
    made at that time I tried my style, I look for effects, a technique work.

    For info, I have no home studio to share an oscilloscope, a sampler and an 8-bit Amiga with digibooster as
    tracker, no VST effect no software, no drum machine, no emulator. So looking from a
    raw signal (sine / square / triangle) instruments of this dive.

    Go take a look and download if you like it ...

    Here it goes:



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