Album / CD Release: Tears of Technology - This Is How I Cry

  • Original Dance Music Producer Drops Explosive Full Length CD

    New Orleans breakbeat dance music producer / artist Tears of Technology releases the highly anticipated full length album entitled "This Is How I Cry". The full length CD release is packed with fifteen energy filled, emotionally driven tracks. From the first track played, you not only want to move your body, but you feel it through your entire being.

    This is the third album release from ToT. With each album, the energy and creativity has only sky rocketed toward the stars. You can actually watch this artist evolve from the DJ he once was to the artist he now has become.

    This release features five tracks with vocoded vocals of ToT himself. His messages of love, hope and truth still stand strong even in his own writings.

    In his electro dance tracks "Make the Beat Drop" & "Five O Four" we learn who ToT really is and what drives his passion for the electro breakbeat scene. In his lyrics in the track "Disguised Reality" you get a glimpse of what drives his passion for life and music. He reminds you to "Free your mind, take some time, some time to seek the questions of life and what it all means..."

    This album also features the angelic vocals of Serenity. Serenity is a newcomer to the dance scene, but has made a lot of noise in a short time period. Her soothing vocals on tracks such as "Higher Ground", "Sapphira" & "Rain" fit perfectly with the production of ToT. Serenity also sings a duet with ToT on the tracks "Disguised Reality" & "Where Did I Go Wrong".

    There is also a special appearance from the hip hop emcee 2 Da West on the track "Grass".

    This album has it all. With pounding bass and beats to electro moving grooves, then on top of all that, amazing vocals to set it all off. This CD rocks from beginning to end.

  • What They Are Saying So Far..........

    "Hey Dan, I have been listening to techno for 12 years and I have never heard an album (This is How I Cry) like your new one......NEVER. It is, by far, the best I have ever heard. Better than Trashy, Shawn Davis, etc. I got goose bumps listening to it......Very good job!! Keep 'em coming!!" - Justin

    "I got ur new cd. 10/10! Great job.. one of the best albums i ever heard.. keep doing what ur doing." - Linh…endid=139864803

    "I just received "This is How I Cry" in the mail....just finished listening to it-you have truly outdone yourself Dan! I love it.....I received my copy of Sapphira on vinyl too-I was almost in tears when I pulled it out of the jacket and saw that our wonderful postal carrier made sure to crack it-oh well-it's on my wall now-truly a work of art! Muah!" - Jodi…iendid=41072241

    "wow!!! Say bra, thats the best cd I have ever heard in a long, long time. Every song on there is fire! Nothin' sucks on it! i got my favorites on there too, like the song where you sayin i told you not to do it. Damn and u can rap too!! Believe (2012: light up the darkness) suprized the hell out of me, that song took me on a journey somewhere. I can go on and on but for real man, your a legend! Somethin' huge gonna happin' with your music." - Ike Dogg…endid=374736814

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