problem when controlling hardware synth via midi

  • hi,

    my synth is connected to my laptop pc with a midi interface.
    workflow is:
    midi notes in DAW --> midi interface --> synth

    everything is fine for sweeps and pads with long notes. fast basslines with short notes: not so much ... it's generally very unprecise, with random dropouts and cutoffs.

    what am i doing wrong?

  • Obviously, without seeing your rig it's impossible, for Me anyway, to diagnose for sure; but it sounds like classic latency to Me, ie - Your laptop may be too slow to process the MIDI data flying around from quicker melodies.

  • if i was playing a midi controller keyboard, i could see how it's a latency issue.

    but it's the other way round: i am sending midi FROM ableton TO my juno 106. i don't understand where the root of the problem is. (it's not the juno ... i tried it with a microkorg, and it's the same thing).

    and it is pretty random: some notes are ok, while others are delayed (a bit) and/ or cut short (a bit) and the timing is a bit off. ???

  • I've had similar problems with Ableton. It doesn't seem to be very precise about the timing of midi notes it sends out. It might be a problem with your midi interface though--what kind do you have?

    I realize your post is pretty old, if you've solved it by now though I'd like to know what you did cause it might help me out.

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