90s ELECTRO - your favorites?

  • whats your favorites?

    ten 90s classics to start with...

    Shiver "Doctor Break"
    DJ Assault "Shake It Baby" (Original Version)
    SEM "Red Dragon"
    Aux 88 "Bass Magnetic"
    Mandroid "Analogue Addict"
    Atomic Nation "Atomic Nation" (I-F's Parallaxed Remix)
    Anthony Rother "Describe Reality"
    Jackal & Hide "Get Down To My Technique"
    Dynamik Bass System "Arabian Dreams"
    Subtonal "Alien Discoteque"


  • usually, i don't like stuff that's too dark, BUT i have to say anthony rother's "sex with the machines" (whole lp) is just beyond comparison!

    other than that:
    jedi knights - antacid remix
    knightz of bass - d m pire
    dopplereffekt - z boson
    kt 19941 - face your fate
    dynamix II - dreamscape
    drexciya - andrean sand dunes

  • five of my dopest always on steady rotation are:-

    Jedi Knights - Antacid remix (classic b-boy style electro with dope vocoder)
    Knights Of Bass - D M Pire (same as above)
    Anthony Rother - Destroy Him My Robots (more on the Kraftwerk tip but still phatt)
    Shiver - Dr Break (another one for the b-boys - wicked beat!!)
    I F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (this record stands up there with some of the best ever in this genre imo)

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • sem - phox
    osc - return of the great
    sem - symmetron
    imperial stormtroopers - crystal ice
    anthony rother - destroy him my robots
    i-f - i do because i couldnt care less

    ahhh i almost forgot

    dagobert - dark power


  • The 90's huh?

    U cats have good taste.

    Both Sem releases on Electron Industries for sure
    Soul Oddity
    Global Surveyor 1
    Eon - Phaze Test
    Voigt Kampff - Real men Use Carplan
    Anthony Rother - Redlight District
    Mandroid - Outer Space
    James Wolfe - Techtonic Plates
    Stem - Radiotron
    Jackal and Hyde - Seek and Destroy
    Dagobert on Harzfein
    Harzfein Presentz Kingz of Electro
    A1 People - Do It
    Shiver - Dr. Break
    Tr-Generation - Derelect EP
    I-f - Portrait Of A Dead Girl 1: The Cause
    Industrial Bass Machine - A Taste Of Armageddon E.P.
    Dynamix II - We Are Your Future
    Anthony Rother - Sex With The Machines
    both Simulants

  • Quote from elektroakust.;1005

    oh yes... Freddy Fresh co-produced it, didnt he?
    his "Accidentally Classic" album is nice too.

    i wish omar santana made/make more tunes like this one :-\ :)

  • Return Of The Great - OSC
    Transits Of Tone - Immortal Combat E.P

    anyone know of anymore in this style (not Aux 88/Detroit style techno thanks)

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Quote from kerode;2430

    Return Of The Great - OSC
    Transits Of Tone - Immortal Combat E.P

    anyone know of anymore in this style (not Aux 88/Detroit style techno thanks)

    maybe try the other releases from the Panic Trax label
    that released the Transist of Tone 12".
    The DJ Panix and Voigt Kampff 12"s are dope too (and rare).

    still got a copy of DJ Panix for sale btw ;D
    teaser and more 12"s here

  • a bit more than 10! :)

    Dynamik Bass System - Arabian Dreams

    Dynamik Bass System - Electronic

    Knightz Of Bass - Dark M-Pire

    Knightz Of Bass - Star Traxx

    Knightz Of Bass - Lost In Space

    Jedi Knights - Antacid

    MC T-Rock - Introducing

    DJ Naughty - Gigolo Style

    Shiver - Doctor Break

    Anthony Rother - Redlight District

    Reckless - Adventures On Harz

    Dynamix II - Don't Touch That Dial

    Visit Venus - The Big Tilt

    Dagobert - Arrival Of The Dust Devilz

    Dagobert - Inharmonic Whispers

    Dagobert - DE Breakdown

    Dagobert - Bass-Invasion

    Prime Dominance - Pathfinder Beats

    DJ Reckless Ron - Here's Your Chance

    Mas 2008 - Technology

    Mas 2008 - Antimaterie Materie

    Mas 2008 - Meine Freunde Sind Elektrisch

    Computor Rockers - Bass Takes Control

    DMX Krew - Place Called Love

    DMX Krew - Doomed!

    DMX Krew - Adrenalin Flow

    DMX Krew - Bump To The Beat

    Industrial Bass Machine - Devastate The Planet

    Industrial Bass Machine - Matrix Ver 2.0

    Industrial Bass Machine - Robot Stampede

    Jackal & Hyde - Beyond

    Jackal & Hyde - Get Down To My Technique

    Novamen - Jam With The Novamen

    Too Strong - Elektro-Funk

    and a lot of more.... springs straighten in ass! 8) 8) 8)

  • lots of great stuff already posted!

    Ectomorph - Skin
    Mr Velcro fastener - luckly bastards LP
    I-F - Engery Vampire
    Sandbenders - Eyes Does the sidecar
    Dopplereffekt - all early releases on dataphysix
    Anthony Rother - dont stop the beat
    UR - Final Frontier

    +much muchmore

  • Some of my fav. tracks from the 90s.
    off the top....

    Anthony Rother - Redlight District

    I F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

    DJ Panix – Space wars

    Freestyle Man-Come To Dance

    Ectomorph I forgot which one but any Ectomorph record does it.

    Drum Factory In The Middle/And the Beat Goes

    Drum Factory-I Cant Stop ( i only heard the title track i still need a copy)

    Global Surveyor - Phase 1

  • My current best from the 90's are

    The Advent - Future City
    Bass junkie - In Bass No One Can Hear You Scream L.P
    Anthony Rother - Redlight District E.P
    Sem - The Demon E.P
    Third Electric - Defcon

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • i have to agree on the darkness but also on anthony rother though my preferred album was electro pop :)

    my faves from the 90s in no particular order were:
    audiowerk, soul oddity, novamen (murdercapital mentality), perspects, and imatran voima.

  • Michael Knight - Knight Ryder
    Japanese Telecom - Virtual Origami
    A.U.X. 88 - Let's Dance
    A.U.X. 88 - Play It Loud
    Bass Junkie - Robotechno
    B.O.S.E. - Keep Rockin' To The Beat
    Prime Dominance - Don't Fight Against My Bass
    Egyptian Lover - Gotta Have Ya
    Jackal & Hyde - Get Down To My Technique
    Dynamik Bass System - Arabian Dreams

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