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    naks - elektroraum

    last friday i was playing at prkl! macht skweeertisch #2 party at raum20.
    here is part of the set mixed two days later at home.

    01. novamen - thc 2 [disco praline]
    02. dj overdose - whoever you are [lunar disko]
    03. clone machine - clone machine (dxr mix) [clone]
    04. a number of names - shari vari (ectomorph remix) [gigolo records]
    05. mulletronic - wisdom in '66 [sewer leak]
    06. mr.velcro fastener - the flock (extended version) [stars-music]
    07. the exaltics - the crash [solar one music]
    08. morphology - manmade woman [abstract forms]
    09. microthol - binary systems [trust]
    10. dexter - no more [klakson]
    11. dynarec - fluid leak [southern outpost]
    12. dopplereffekt - speak & spell [clone classic cuts]
    13. boris divider - electronics 3 (miami style) [drivecom]
    14. faceless mind - ocean movers (vcs2600 science remix) [crème eclipse]

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