Mossadon DJin in London this friday!

  • Jus lettin y'all know that I have the pleasure of visiting the big smoke again this week...

    The place, Clockwork, Pentonville Road.
    The City, London
    The Date, Friday 18th APRIL.

    Entry - FREE with flyer!

    I hope to see some of y'all down there for some super heavy BASS and ELECTRO beats par excellence from me, old school jungle with MC Lady Blaze hookin up with Gwem plus live electro pop madness from Trademark.

    PM me if you can't get hold of a flyer and I'll e mail you an invitation..places are limited tho!

  • was gonna try and make this mossa

    but was not feelin too great (chest infection)

    how was it, u had a bubble I hope?

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