No more promos from me, ever!

  • Quote from dwellz rawkz;47020

    A while ago we found a site with 2 folders of devine disorder stuff and it was before we had started releasing any Lektroid do you mind explaining how to do this watermarking

    It means writing extra code within the file itself (not the ID3 tags).

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    If you passin by a demo of country producer u'd probably touch it wouldn ya? that smells of hipocrisy in my opinion. never approved a neglacting behaviour against other genres of music. I dl shit so its easier to make a decision whether buy it or not. Right point of morality but killing pluralism is impossible. That's the nature of morality.

    In fact i`ve never downloaded a demo my whole life, and i`m not so into country........

    Have you ever experienced "try before buy"?

    I guess it`s the same with music, if you want something try it out, listen to it, and if you like it then buy it.

    What i like is a site i found a couple of weeks ago, you can download the music in MP3 128kbit and if you like it then you can buy it on WAV for examp. isn`t that cool....... 8)

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    just typed myself and found track that i never been released (Imperial Path) and it's free on soundcloud only it seems to be some bot who searcin' on soundclound/host servers for mp3 downloads or sort like that ... let someone make rar file then rename extension to mp3 ... if i follow link to lektroid fake link i hope we thinking on same page ?

    I don't use soundcloud, so it's obvious how my demo ended up there

    I pulled the site name because it's linking pirated music, which as far as I'm aware is disallowed on this site.

  • Now I'm not gonna be hypocritical about file sharing as I regularly download my favorite two American TV Series (Weeds & Breaking Bad) to watch them.

    But someone abusing your trust and sharing a Promo that you have sent them before it's release really stinks.

    Speaking as someone who does get sent lots of promo's for my show, I hope you not only find him but name and shame him too. ;D


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  • uuhm can anyone PM me the name of that site? cause all i see are *******... and because of that my browser can't open the link.. i'd like to know if my stuff is on there too :(

    i sent my stuff once to a local dj who has a radioshow, at first he was all friendly till i sent him those tracks! never heard of him anymore! i mean, motherf*cker!

    Electro is the SF of music !

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