The last 5 Records

  • Man you're breathing life back into this place!

    1. King Kut (Beauty and the Beat copy)
    2. The Party Scene - Russell Brothers
    3. Grandmaster Flash's Adventures on the Wheels of Steel
    4. Boogie Down Bronx - Man Parrish
    5. Jack the Ripper - LL

    Why? If I was stuck somewhere clutching 5 records that define the music I love, Hip Hop, the stuff I could listen to over and over and also represent to others what hip hop is, it would be these five...

    Thought it would be best to write the first 5 records that came to mind... not stuff I could sit down and try and think about logically, obviously theres a lot more stuff I really love but these five first to mind, didn't have to think about it...

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

  • Damn..I don't even want to think about owning just 5 records...near impossible question! It will be a list as always..changing every day. The records would have to be great, and not get boring after listening to them for eons and eons. At the moment I would take the following 5 (could be 5 others tomorrow).

    Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock - The Album LP (Never boring to me)

    Sympathy Nervous - Polaroid 7" (Got that new, so its still fresh to me)

    Maggotron - Computer Pop 1st press. 12" (Its good and its rare, must keep it)

    Kraftwerk - Computer World LP (Never boring)

    Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock 12" (Sums up all the Tony Butler stuff...its great)

    The more I think about it, the more I think it doesn't make any sense to pick 5. 100 would be very difficult, but 5 is impossible.

  • can't answer this question...but i guess i would keep 5 records witch i bought really cheap years back, who are really expensive now...because it would be hard to find them again for a low price

  • Bokkiebeh. I here you m8. It does seem impossible and also hard to think about. But Ive know people due to family problems, no stoarage and other money issues that had to sell there beautiful collections.. hahaa It sucks but I litteraly had to watch them try to hold on to a handfull of there records. The most frustrating thing ive ever witnessed in my life hahaha !

    Ive moved alot and got rid of TONS of records to second hand stores and got good money for them. I didnt have to try to pick only 5.. I still have a few hundred :) but it was still hard to give a way just we all know theres a story behind each and every one of our beauties.

    Most def have to keep that computer pop !

  • without thinking to hard..

    1. Ramsey 2C 3d - Fly Guy & The Unemployed
    2. Active Boys - Hey Yo Dj
    3. Iz Army - Brainwash/The Bomb
    4.General Jo & The Intergalactic Empire - Back off
    5.Lemon Lime - Hollyweird Game

    Why these.. just cause It took me a little time to find these.. I would still fill at lost giving away the few other hundred.

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