• hi freaks

    i have a question ...

    when i will make an remake / remix of an older song from the 80's or an remix of an old c64 / amiga song and i bring out on cd for the stores

    how is it with the rights of the song ??

    is it law ? when i earn money for the new song ?? where can i see wich song is saved with copyrights ??

    maybe you can help me

  • You will not be able to make any money without the prior consent of the original owners, if your tune bares any obvious resemblance to the original. You may get away with it if nobody notices, but that's your risk. Why not just craft an original tune ? The world is drowning in cover versions and remixes as it is.

  • You can get in a LOT of trouble, especially if you use samples. If you are doing a remake without samples just write to the publisher and ask permission. Chances are that they will tell you yes without charging you upfront if the song is obscure and forgotten. You might even get lucky with a known hit like Reeno did with "Summer Madness". However, I wouldn't count on it. Of course, you will have to pay them the publishing on the song. If you're using samples you will have to clear the publishing AND the sound rights, and those will likely cost you. You may have to pay a hefty sum upfront AND pay a good bit of royalties. And if you use them without permission the penalties are HARSH!

    I'm wit eBwoy, make your own songs.

  • it was only a question :D
    i mean .. so many cover versions of any songs are out ...
    sure i make my own thing but maybe when i have lust to make an cover ..

  • How do u find out who the publisher is and how do u find them? I know of atleast one instance where the publisher was not able to be found yet the song was released on a compilation with a note regarding being unable to find the publisher. Also There is definitely alot of bootleg sampling and remixing going on these days in the world of digital music.

  • The publisher is usually listed on the label. Finding them can be entirely another issue, especially if it's a small or obscure publisher or if it was published by the writer, producer or artist. I think the laws in the UK differ from here in the states on this issue, as I have seen numerous releases where the publisher is simply listed as Copyright Control. They are probably more lenient there.

  • Published by 'Copyright Control' just means that there is no publisher / its self published.
    Which is the case for 95% of all electronic underground music i guess. Not a uk thing.

  • Caspar Pound ripped off my song "My Love Turns To Liquid", taking the lyrics verbatim for his release "Liquid Love". He gave me partial credit on the label (misspelled my publishing company) but threw that "Copyright Control" thing on there. Of course he never asked permission and I was never accounted to or paid a dime. I have seen numerous cases where tracks where there IS a publisher have been released and they threw Copyright Control on it. In fact, when another one of my tracks was used in a compilation without my permission that is what they did as well, when I know for damm sure that they knew what the name of my publishing company was since they obviously had the record. Perhaps the proper usage is as you say, but in my experience it has mostly been used as a cover for bootlegging.

  • Just a raw guess. Maybe rather 95% of 'Electro' than electronic music in general.
    In my big dust collecting Electro record collection hardly any label lists a publisher.
    And thats mostly 90s~00s. Today its all even more underground.

  • Well, underground almost by definition eschews legalities, so that makes sense. If I was going to release a track in Europe and NOT pay a publisher I guess that it would make perfect sense to throw Copyright Control on there so nobody would know who I was NOT paying. :D

    Perhaps Fudog or somebody will come along and tell us exactly what Copyright Control is really (legally) supposed to mean. :)

  • The tracks were not released for download on Soundcloud (audition only), >:( just for posting on Global Funk Radio and record labels and to participate in a selection process without a signed contract (were chosen because other songs). The songs of colleagues are also in this collection as the R21. The author of the compilation is nicknamed RobotJoemc.

  • Looks like that Robot Joemc guy has been all over Soundcloud ripping tracks .
    I spotted a few remixes/ tunes that i know are unreleased.
    Makes me laugh he labels them as 320k mp3, when the SC default is 128k (hence any rips are at that bitrate)
    Not much you can do to stop fuckers like that stealing your tracks when you make them available online for listening.
    sad i know...


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