Urbanjedi presents Jedi mind trax on GFR

  • Im back on the airwaves, here is a pdcast link for my latest show on the 21.03.13


    1.Two sisters high noon
    2. Willseden Dodgers - Acts of Terrorism
    3.Maggozulu Too - weve come to rock
    4.Bose - Spread the word
    5.Maggotron - Return to the Bass planet
    6.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - The magnificent jazzy jeff
    7.Tricky Tee - Johnny the fox
    8. Uncle jamms army - naughty boy
    9.The Mechanic - sweat
    10.DJ Laz - King of Bass
    11. Smokey Dee & DXJ - My Bass weighs a ton
    12.69 Boyz - 10 chicken wings
    13. Boys from the Bottom - Dance
    14.Gangsta Bass Alliance - In the house
    15. DJ Magic Mike - Rock the funky beat
    16. Boris Divider - Aeon
    17.Martin van Vleuten - Internaut
    18.Thomas Kress - Munich music making machines
    19.Who Cares feat. Egyptian Lover - who killed the radio
    20.Newcleus - Destination Earth - ( Sbasship remix)
    21.Alessandro Forte - Release me
    22.The Exaltics - Every beginning has an end
    23.Martin van Vleuten - Holographic inserts
    24.25 Keys - Get down
    25.Claro Intelecto - Tone
    26.Urbanjedi - Cybernetic Organisms
    27.Faster than light - Digital slaves
    28.Egyptian Lover - Electro Pharoah
    29.Edgar Winter - Frankenstein rap 84
    30.Jedi Knights - May the funk be with you

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