[BiP 066] Noisebrigade - Plastic Fog EP

  • Noisebrigade is the new vehicle of musical expression for the longtime music journalist (co-founder of the acclaimed in the cycles of electronic music on-line magazine Chain D.L.K.) and industrial/experimental producer since the mid 80s (mostly under the Gerstein moniker), Maurizio Pustianaz. Although born in the fall of 1999, the Noisebrigade project hadn't gave fruits until a decade later, with the excellent free dl album "Cathodic Dreams", inspired by the financial crisis and our decaying times in general.
    Almost simultaneously, 2 years later, 2 new Noisebrigade EPs see the light on italian Sauroid and greek Binalog>>>Productions labels! On "Plastic Fog" Mauri's genuine electronics create a tense and almost haunting robotic atmosphere, before they come to the hands of Darxid, Hyboid and Embryonik for some serious treatments that produce 3 so different, yet equally incredible remixes! Have a taste on the relative soundcloud teaser:


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    Out next Friday, Feb 18, wherever you buy digital music


  • Here's the first review for "Plastic fog" from CHAIN D.L.K.

    Thanks goes to Madden Wachsenhoff of City Of Bass

    Title: Plastic Fog
    Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
    Label: Binalog Productions [ binalog {at} gmail {dot} com ]
    Distributor: Juno Download
    Rated: ****

    Having grown up in the 80s, it's downright strange to see young kids today walking around rocking that era's fashion. A few weeks ago I saw a young lady walking downtown and I had to do a double-take; for a second there, I thought 1983 Madonna had come back in a time machine. My point? There was a lot of bad s--t that came out of the 80s, but amidst the waste there were a few gifts that have stayed to this day - one of them being the Italo sound.
    The new release from Noisebrigade, PLASTIC FOG hit's all of the right buttons and simultaneously takes you to 1982 dirty rotten scoundrel cocaine drug clubs and modern-day dark bunkers in Rotterdam and Berlin. Bunkers where the crowd rides these rhythms in lockstep with Dj's spinning the platters. The cokes still there, but the new generation is getting off more on basslines.
    The PLASTIC FOG EP mixes it up with the dancefloor Italo groovers of 'Soldiers' and the most excellent 'Hacking Your Brain', as well as the more abstract funk of 'Plastic Fog' and 'Bullets and Diodes' for the headphone phreaks.
    Topping it off with some banging electro remixes from Darxid, Hyboid and Embryonik, this is a killer release from Italian producer Noisebrigade. Out now on Binalog Productions.

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