• looks like the warez crackers don't even waste their time on nero since it's gotten so bad over the years along with the fact that there are much better apps out there for free....

    have used CdBurnerXp but that has a bug that tends to turn dual layer dvds into coasters, but everything else seems to work fine. (it's another good program aside from that one issue that i've noticed and free)

    +1 vote for imgburn

    DVD Flick for making dvd movies. It also can burn to disk, or can create an image to use in another program.

  • windows media player is just as good as anything for burning.

    Though I use Ashampoo burning studio for burning & vso convert x for converting.

    Since nero 6 nero is just a bloated software now, install the full nero the installation aloan is over 3GB install Ashampoo which gives you nearly the same and that only uses 46mb.

  • Same Jim Vso convertxtodvd works for me for movies and its good for compressing too from 1080i down to fit on onto a dvd-r, lox in resources and fast at conversion
    never used WMP to burn, dont think it will convert mp3s to cda audio will it ?

  • It works vise versa m8 stick in an audio cd it will convert to mp3 stick some mp3s in it will convert to an audio cd. The only problem you will see is when you try and put a wma file in it then it might say it can't convert but just convert the wma to mp3 and that will fix the problem.

    Just click on music drag and drop the files into wmp and it will say audio cd on the right and then ask you to put a blank cd in.

    If you dont like it then try Ashampoo.

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