• I have a 2500, used only as a drum machine really. The Note Repeat button makes great electro beats. I would say the 1000 would be enough though, the 2500 just seems to have a couple more knobs and sliders that I don't use. Why do I own a 2500? That's what came up on ebay first :)

  • I have an MPC1000, fully upgraded (max ram + 80gb hd) running JJOS v2.

    You are right, there's not much difference between the 2500 and the 1000. I'd go for the 1000, especially if you already have a computer (so you wont need the cd burner).

    I'd really recommend getting rid of the Akai OS immediately and installing (even the free version) of JJOS. It really makes the MPC a much more powerful beast.

    If you're in the UK and are looking for a 1000, I'm selling mine (once I upgrade the pads to the new ones - next week). Its in pretty much mint condition. PM me if interested.

  • Out of curiosity, why are you getting rid of yours?

  • Mostly because I'm skint! (broke)

    Also, I love the MPC workflow but Ableton Live is just that bit more flexible and jammable. I'm using Ableton controlled with a master keyboard, Akai MPD drum pads, Novation Launchpad and a Korg NanoKontrol. Its a great setup that allows me to record different parts, overdub etc all without stopping the sequencer. I can also adjust mixer settings etc on the fly too. Its just quite a bit more flexible than sequencing just on MPC.

  • i had a 60 and now i run a 2500
    i want say just one thing..if you turn on your mpc with good quality samplers you will do a BRUTAL rithm in 3 minutes!
    and a skeleton of a track in 10 minutes!
    its so fast do beats with the mpc!!

    what mpc needs to be a real moster? IMO a good and more quality fx!!

  • I have an MPC2000xl. I've also owned a 1000. I have to say the OS, feel and overall perfromance of the 2kxl does it for me. I actually upgraded the floppy to Compact Flash and it's just like the new MPC2k but with the old skool os. wouldn't trade it for the word. ;)

  • If you already have a computer you should consider buying Maschine, cheaper than a Mpc 1000 and much more possibilities, you can use it in your DAW for ex. or as standalone and you can implement Vst-Plugs.


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