::The Electric Kingdom:: HenceSolo vs Sindri / 4-21-11

  • Wayyyy back in the day, b4 I even started spinning or buying records, I would always listen to 90.5 (The Electric Kingdom & The Underground) shows. One day I tuned in, and I was blown away by the music they were playing (those mid to late 90's, early 2000 records)...Than Egg Foo Young got on the mike and said it was Sindri throwing it down. I became a fan of hers, and she played a big roll in my influence towards electro. 12 yrs later, I had the honor of having her as one of The Union's resident dj's, and now I have the privilege to play side by side with her on the same station where I first heard her. Respect to Sindri, and all the true electro pioneers out there ! This once gonna be guuuuud. :cylon:

    Good things take time, and bad things waste it.

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