Majestic Crew in London

  • Well not literally, but I popped into the Record Exchange in Notting Hill this afternoon and they had a copy of the Majestic Crew's 'Thee Untold Story' in for £55. Not cheap but this is a rare one which you don't see very often certainly not when digging in shops.

    In fact I saw two records in there this afternoon that I spent half my life searching for, the Majestic Crew and High Power 'OK Im Loosin Up', I have never seen either in a shop when digging ever, then I see both in one afternoon!! I got both now on vinyl anyway so it's a bit late, I would have done anything to have seen these two years back.

    They got a damn good selection of vinyl in there at the moment, loads of classics at decent prices too, I picked myself up a copy of 'They call us the all' by RSO Crew for £17, which is cheap for that one.

  • congrats thee untold story is really a great 12".
    i had the chance to speak to one of these guys, he told me, that
    the song was recorded late 85 but released in 1986. they made this record because they battled the knights of the turntables, and this crew had their own record, so they wanted to get their own.
    the 12" was pressed to mix the intrumentals during rap battles.
    the guy rapping on the song wasn't supposed to be the intended guy rapping on the song, that was pretty much last minute.

  • Ah should of made that post clearer, I have already got the Majestic Crew record so didn't buy it. I was just letting people know in case anybody was in the London area and interested in picking up a copy, as it's very rare you see a copy of it.

    And yeah it is a great record, I first heard it in early 86 on the radio and didn't find a copy of it until a couple of years ago, it always managed to avoid me. Hence the irony of then seeing it yesterday.

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