• aside from the sampler, is there anything else special about this thing?

    i had a bit of fun recording the Galaxy preset, with the modulation turned off, messing with the envelope settings, and the vibrato as well

    i read somewhere online that sigur ros does some pretty interesting stuff with it, but i can't really tell since i don't listen to his music much ???

    if anybody who's had/used one of these in the past and is familiar with it, i'm looking for just some recommendations on what you've done with it and what i should try before i gotta give this thing back. i borrowed it from a good friend and i don't want to keep it for too long.

    i plan on playing back the sounds within the Directwave plugin on FL so manipulating the length(looping), envelope settings, modulation, vibrato, and everything else from FL should be no problem once i get the basics recorded.

    hell, if i get some good suggestions, i may even upload a sample pack to share(24bit, 96kHz using my echo audiofire so you know the AD/DA converters are about as good as anything out there) just as a thankful appreciation for your guidance as i know many of you are veterans to the vintage synth world. :cylon:

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