10 years of Globalfunk Radio

  • Its 10 years this year that GFR came to be from its early incarnations into what it is today.

    Err, i`ll be doing a show to celebrate 10 years of GFR on Sunday May 1st, below is some history as to how it all happened......

    Back on a Sunday morning early in the Summer of 2001, Dr Skunkenstein was messing about with the Shoutcast software for transmitting your own radio show over the internet. He connected up his decks, pressed transmit and played a few tunes, all in stunning 56kbps mono sound complete with drop outs every 30 seconds, this really was the ZX81 of radio broadcasting. Putting a post on the old Electro Empire site to see if anyone fancied having a listen, Skunk managed to get a few old electro heads to take a listen. One of those heads was Electrofunk30 (Mike) who was also dabbling around with internet radio with his own station called Radio Electro which was transmitting 24/7 playing, you guessed it, Electro. Mike had a eureka moment. Here`s this guy playing electronic music live, why not relay the stream over Radio Electro? A live show! Back then this style of underground internet broadcasting was quite a new concept.
    So that was it, Mike and Skunk drew up the idea to do a weekly show. Starting at 11am every Sunday morning, transmitting on Shoutcast and Radio Electro Skunk would spin Electro, new and old, the latest Electronica, Downtempo, Ambient, pretty much anything electronic was fair game. The show started to gain a fan base as more and more people tuned in and quite often the show would go on until very late Sunday night. 12 hours or more marathon shows were not unusual. The station even had its own chatroom at this point, err, sort of. Every Sunday the listeners would hijack a strange part of the chatroom world called French Kiss, which turned out to be some sort of on-line S&M chatroom. Well, it did the job at the time and made for amusing reading while listening.
    Running a station such as this cost money, bandwidth back in those days cost a small fortune. By chance, a gentleman with a voice that could charm the knickers off a nun who also happened to be continuing to transmit his once London pirate station on line happened to stumble across Radio Electro and what was happening. The gentleman`s name was Gordy and his station was BCR. Gordy contacted Mike and kindly offered to help out on the bandwidth front. The concept was moving forward. After a year Mike and Gordy decided that it would be a good idea to team up and Global Funk Radio was born. The station continued in its usual format of transmitting Funk, Electrofunk, Electro and Soul but on Sunday the station went live with Skunk playing straight from the decks. And normally drunk.
    Soon after the idea of broadcasting a live show was beginning to appeal to other DJ`s who were listening. DJ Fizza who was based in the U.S came on board, transmitting his frenetic cut up of Old school Hip hop and Electro on Saturday nights. LloydDaZoyd (him of Eastenders fame) began broadcasting from his loft studio. The Electro Loft went on to become the popular Electro Avenue show co hosted by Diplomat that still airs every Saturday night to this day. Many others joined in, lb_ip from the states with his mash up of styles from Dub to Electronics, Medooza from Switzerland with her take on things Electronic. Gordy even rekindled his aptly titled `The Gordy Show` where he indulges in his love of Funk and Soul. To this day GFR has many DJ`s all transmitting regular radio shows from all over the world covering many styles of music from Soul to Techno, from Electro to Funk to Hip hop to Jazz. Not just at the weekends, but every single day of the week as well as the station providing its usual 24 hour musical output. There`s even a proper chatroom that`s even more deranged than French Kiss.

    And Skunk? Well he went on to win the Sony award for the `Best pissed up DJ award` and occasionally drags his arse into his studio to put out a live monthly show on the second Sunday of every month in the evening.

    To celebrate this 10 year milestone that has bought so many DJ`s and more importantly, the listeners together, Dr Skunkenstein will be harking back to ye days of old and will be broadcasting a marathon show on Sunday May 1st starting at mid day going on until the small hours of Monday morning playing a selection of Electronic music that has been released over the last 10 years covering many styles throughout the day and some other stuff. There`s a competition too! See the full page advertisement next week in the times for more details.

    Everyone at GFR would like to thank everyone who has played a part in Globalfunk Radio`s success over the years, the DJ`s, the listeners and the kind people who have donated to help keep this great station on the air, without you, we wouldn`t be shit!

  • Congratulations to everyone involved in reaching this milestone. Here to the continued success of the project.

    155 :)

    Never to the left of a yoga mat!

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