• i was digging thru some old casette tapes and i found a mix labled greatest beats megamix and it features trax from the tommy boy lable, its similar to the dj 3d release but it is much longer, ive searched discogs but nothing, the trax featured are
    planet rock
    play at your own risk (vocal and dub)
    pack jam
    looking for the perfect beat (dub)
    the mix is around 25 mins long and was out around the same time as tommy boys greates beats. anyone got any ideas about the release??? i will be ripping it in the next few days.
    cheers in advance fellas

  • the nearest ive come to finding it out is this http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Pe…t/master/126298 but i have the vinly and not the casette but it dont say wether the trax are mixed on the b side of the casette, plus the mix is not in the right order but it still may be the mix, so if anyone has this casette please help. :)

  • Did you know there are 3 versions of the 3D Tommy Boy mix?

    They were only available on the cassette version of the 1985 album, but no version is anywhere near 25 minutes long?

    Unless you have only skipped through your tape and it is in fact all three mixes one after the other?

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