Boris Divider - Gig in England!!

  • Hi all,

    I've been assisting Carlos of Eager Vibe in trying to get Boris Divider a gig here in England. I've been searching the myspace network for venues and promoters of electro and electronica, and so far we've hit a brick wall.

    I have to say that I'm rather perplexed by the lack of interest. Considering Boris' tracks are appearing in virtually every electro DJ's playlist these days, he has a jaw dropping 'hardware' live set, not to mention the fact that he's a 'top friend' with virtually everyone who's into electro music's myspace page!?

    If I could show that there is an interest then perhaps we might get some where.

    I look forward to hearing others views on this..


  • yeah he made that dope People Love Machines tune

    good venue is - Fluid

    near Fabric (reasonable sized place on two floors)

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Hi Boomzilla,

    Thanks for the post and the info, I'll pass it along to Carlos today.

    People Love Machines was Boris' first solo outing on Drivecom...classic stuff!

    Have you heard his album - La Hora De Las Maquinas? if you liked PLM then you'll love that CD has it on CD and Vinyl -



  • to be honest I was not that impressed with his stuff on satamile (in fact thats one lable i hardly like any of the stuff on) can you recommend any tunes from this label Martin. But yeah PLM is a new school classic easily up there with early Rother/I-F etc.....TRinse that one alot so I may check his album if i get time....Cheers Johnny

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Hi Johnny,

    Yea his album is very solid, pure electro beats, and the enhanced CD has 2 music vids on it!

    Satamile's release's are a little bit like marmite, you either love em or hate em! and their Hybrid electro is something I love on toast, with a nice cuppa ;)

    Other Boris Divider to look out for are...

    Dark Robot Forces
    Shutdown The System
    Take My Beat [on Dona-li recs - Dark Vektors label]



  • Quote from elektroakust.

    regarding Satamile recommendations...

    one of my favourite tracks on the label is
    "Crack In The Sun" by EMS. (on the "Synchronaut" LP)

    yeah I have this double 12" by EMS and an other by him on Satomil which aint bad

    may just buy that Boris Divider CD too Martin cheers......

    I tell you what I just recently got Claro Intelecto's 1st l.p. some nice pieces on there, highly recomended to all freaks


    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Quote from evolvah

    Kool, yes Matthias you're right - EMS very nice retro electro, I must get my hands on a copy of that one for my show!

    I'll have a look for the Claro Intel one as well, thanks.

    You can listen to previews of the LHDLM CD on [url=,],[/url] see if it flicks your micro-switch ;o)



    hey that juno dont have the Boris Divider CD so i will keep lookin, defo want a copy now.................

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • how's this coming along

    any news

    I have just orderd the cd of the d'ogs

    if you want the claro intelecto cd ripped and pm'd to you Martin just say mate

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Hi Boomzilla,

    Glad you found a supplier of La won't be disapointed I'm sure ;o)

    I'm not sure if anything has come of this yet. I know Carlos has contacted them but I don't know what the response has been yet. So far no gig in England has been confirmed or advertised. Ce sera..

    Thanks for the offer mate but I'd better decline as when or if I do end up playing it on my radio show I don't want people to think I'm playing bootlegs on air, its against ofcom regulations you know!



  • Hi,


    Thanks Matthias for recommending EMS Synchronaut CD, just got a copy of it! Gonna be playing Illusion mode on my show this week ;o)


    Thanks Boomzilla for recommending Claro Int Neurofibro, I've just heard spinnets, it is a great peice of UK electro, I'm gonna get that one now!!



  • Yes Martin it is a brilliant album by the Divider, very very well pleased :) like nearly every track but 3,4,5 are absolute dukey dope def.....................defo up there among the best electro/techno bass this century along with Kronos Device.......

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

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