Does anyone have a clue what this is? (Tony Cook & The Party People - On The Floor)

  • Hi all!
    I'm new here. I want to ask if anyone know which song this is.I recorded it from a tape. And it was only a short piece on the tape. I don't know if its a whole song or from a mix. I have asked about this song in 4 times,but no one knowed what it is. Probebly cause they r more into hiphop and this is more electro. (and they r very good) Would be happy for any suggestions. Haven't heard all of it since the 80's.

    unknown oldschool song.mp3 - 0.45MB

  • Havent got a clue to be honest,from the vibe it sounds more like a mix to me,hopefully someone from here will be able to tell you :)

  • thx andre,i found that song on the net on mp3. It was really this song.The light voice sound exactly the same,but when the dark voices coming,it doesnt sound the same.Maybe my version was a another remix or something? Or maybe the 12 inch? And do u know if this song is rare,cause i have never heard it since the 80's,or seen it.

  • thx andre,i thought it was rare ,cause this kind of music in Sweden at this time was so rare. Almost no radiostation played electro. So i was listening all the time on radio,to catch music. So i was amazed when u know this immidateltly. I will buy this record when i get money. Must chech the shipping cost also.

    thx man

  • The black and white copy is the UK press that has been mixed. And the blue one is the orig US press.
    Killer rec indeed, love it.


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