Street Sounds / UK Fresh Reunion / 16th July 2011

  • Quote from Guerrilla;51403

    The artists never got contracts

    That's a LIE!!!

    Not only did ALL of the US artists get contracts, they ALL got advances! I know that for a fact, as I toured and was in contact with every one of them! I know exactly what happened for that show, and the only fault that lies with Morgan is that he didn't listen to me when I told him that most of the other US acts were engaged to perform at 2 different shows in NY state the night before the show in the UK. We turned down an opportunity to perform at one of those shows because I did not want to jeopardize our first ever trip to the UK.

    I contacted Morgan when those shows were first booked and asked if he minded us doing it and he said yes, we would have a hard time making his show then. I told him that all of the other acts was doing them but for some reason he didn't believe me, probably because we didn't really know each other then. He called me right before the show to cancel when he found out they were not going to get there on time and I reminded him that I had warned him.

    Not only had ALL advances (including ours) been paid but we had our work permits as well. Morgan had to eat those advances and costs. I also know for a fact that almost everybody who asked for a refund for their tickets eventually got them. So far, the only people that I have found who never got their money back never asked for it.

    The amount of money I got for an advance for that show and ended up keeping for doing absolutely nothing is almost as much as I am getting paid entirely for doing this one. Then add what he had to put up for the work permits. Times that by another 6 or 7 artists or so (most of which I'm sure got more money than us) and the cost of the venue (they don't give that money back you know) and try to imagine the bath that Morgan took.

    But, I know y'all are gonna hate him anyway. ::)

  • Quote from LiveWire;51377

    by the looks of things on here there are maybe 10 people actually interested in this event even taking place. the response to this event on here speaks for itself... and that sucks.

    There is a lot of hatred for Morgan here. I wouldn't judge what is going on in the real world by what you see on this forum. There was a LOT of money spent on the last UK Fresh that failed and on the first one, but back then there was a lot of money being made on the music. Those days are gone. I don't know how many artists he will end up getting but we are taking less money to help make it happen, and not all artists are willing to do that.

  • Hey.. im not hating on anyone. I just want this event to go ahead. and ofcourse i want to know who else is gonna be there.

    curiosity thats all.. no hate. 8)

  • Quote from LiveWire;51424

    Hey.. im not hating on anyone. I just want this event to go ahead. and ofcourse i want to know who else is gonna be there.

    curiosity thats all.. no hate. 8)

    Wasn't talking about you, just explaining to you the lack of response and enthusiasm. I venture that most people here are quietly watching this and hoping that it's a disaster. Even got a guy who's sole purpose on this forum seems to be spreading lies, though he "hopes it all happens and is a success". ::)

  • My final word.

    I don't hate Morgan. Its not my problem.

    Glad that you got paid brother.

    Regarding Watchdog - there is no slander here. That is a fact my friend.

    Hope Morgan does well - as I keep saying.

    lets leave it there.

  • Hey All,

    I'm one of them people watching watching quietly but NOT hoping that it's a disaster. I'd really like to see this event happening.
    All the information I have on this is here:
    So at the moment I don't have any indications that it won't happen, just waiting not wildcatting...

    Besides that I've never been to London and looking forward to have reason to go there ;)

  • :announce: :blaster: :blaster: :headspin: :blaster: :blaster: :announce:


    Saturday 16th July 2011 at The Scala, London

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    We are extremely excited to announce that added to the already awesome line-up are…





    "Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)", "Jam on It", “Programmed For L.O.V.E”, “We Devolve”

    THE B BOYS…  :uglyteacher:

    “Two, Three, Break”, “Cuttin' Herbie”, “Stick Up Kid”, “Girls” & “Girls - Part 2”, “You Know We Rock”, “We Devolve”

    CAPTAIN ROCK… :headphones:

    "Cosmic Blast", "To the Future Shock", "Return Of Captain Rock", “Dance & Party”

    GRAND MIXER D.ST…  :blaster:

    Featured in the influential Hip Hop film ‘Wild Style’ and is credited with popularising DJing through his scratching on Herbie Hancock's single "Rockit"

    We are also proud to announce the following

    Nu Electro Stars confirmed so far…

    DARXID  :cylon:

    LEKTROID :cylon:

    XIDUS PAIN  :cylon:

    Tickets will go on sale at 6.00pm on Thursday

    31st March from the Street Sounds website!

    We have been asked by so many people if they can already reserve tickets, however, tickets will only be going on sale on the 31st March at 6.00pm (GMT). We believe it is fairer for everyone this way. We also want to assure you, our Electro fans, that we will be offering the tickets to the Street Sounds faithful first before they go on general sale via the usual ticketing outlets. Please remember the capacity of The Scala is only 1,000 so do not be left out of the greatest show of the decade!

    · Live Performances already confirmed by the legendary Newcleus, Captain Rock, The B Boys, Grand Mixer D.ST. More artists to be announced shortly!

    · As well as Live Performances by Nu Electro Stars Darxid, LektroiD & Xidus Pain. More artists to be announced shortly!

    · DJ Sets by ;D  DJ Mirage ;D and other major DJs renowned to the scene to be announced soon!

    · B-Boy Battles & Performances! :headspin:

    · Street Sounds Memorabilia & Graffiti Exhibition! 8)

    · Plus much more…

    We are in discussion with other Electro ‘Greats’, Nu Electro Artists and DJs and will make further announcements very shortly. We are also currently waiting on passport and visa confirmations from Smith & Baker the original members of the 1980's Electro Funk group ‘Freestyle’ (“It’s Automatic” & “Don’t Stop The Rock” and more recently “Invade The Party”). “Don’t Stop The Rock” was recently used as the featured soundtrack for the phenomenally successful Cadbury’s Chocolate “Eyebrow Dance” TV advert. Smith & Baker are also featured on the brand new Street Sounds R&B Street Anthems with their new smash single “Airplane”.

    Accommodation and Travel - We will be shortly listing various hotels near The Scala for those who are looking for accommodation. We have heard from several fans that they will be organising coaches to arrive at the event, if you are doing so please let us know as we can then put fans in touch with you from your area.

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

  • Thanks Nick for posting the latest on the Reunion ;)

    Hi LiveWire,

    Sorry that you felt in the dark about the Reunion, we haven’t been on Electro Empire for quite a while.

    For all the latest exciting news on the ‘Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion’, ‘Nu Electro vol.4’ and Street Sounds in general, click here for our March Newsletter.

    Are you friends on Facebook, Twitter and/or our YouTube Channel? These are the best places to keep up to date with everything happening in the world of Street Sounds including every minute detail of the Reunion:

    Street Sounds Facebook
    Street Sounds Twitter
    Street Sounds YouTube

    Can't wait to see you at the Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion!!! :headspin:

  • If someone were to fly into London which airport would be closest to "The Scala, London" or which airport would be recommended to fly into where this UK Fresh Reunion is to be held?

    Examples: London City, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, etc.

  • Make sure you invite some powermovers too.

    oh... and get BLASTROMEN flight tickets and some quality stage time while your at it...


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    Saturday 16th July 2011 at The Scala, London


    We are flying over the Artists & DJs YOU asked for in the Street Sounds questionnaire...

    As you are probably aware, we have already confirmed the legendary NEWCLEUS, CAPTAIN ROCK, and THE B BOYS featuring GRAND MIXER D.ST.

    Also confirmed so far are Nu Electro stars DARXID, LEKTROID & XIDUS PAIN, and DJ MIRAGE.

    We will also be announcing further ICONIC & LEGENDARY Artists/DJs shortly!

    To see anyone of these ‘Giants of Electro’ would normally cost anything up to £20 for just one artist and just looking at the summer music festivals you need a mortgage to buy a ticket. The Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion is unbelievable value for money with further headline acts still to be announced! To thank you the Street Sounds faithful and the legions of dedicated Electro, Hip Hop and great music fans we have made the decision to keep prices ridiculously low….ONLY £35 in advance or £40 on the night. The advance ticket price is even less than the price of a hoodie. Buying is quick, easy & secure with PayPal.

    Please see below our very special ‘Back Stage Pass and Goodie Bag Giveaway’ for 3 lucky people!

    Doors open at 7.00pm and the first 5 hours will comprise of back to back live artists performances, DJ sets and a few surprises. Upstairs in the balcony bar DJs will be playing various other Street Sounds genres from classic ‘Anthems’, ‘Rare Grooves’ to ‘Jazz Juice’, Soul and House. From approximately midnight to 3.00am the party continues with DJs spinning the best music on the planet in both rooms!

    Tickets go on sale exclusively from the Street Sounds website 'Events' page today at 6.00pm (GMT)…so set your alarm clock!

    Only you the Street Sounds fans have first priority; the Press Release informing the general public about the event won’t be sent out until a couple of weeks after tickets go on sale on our website and The Scala will not be selling tickets until mid April, so please take advantage of the head start to avoid disappointment.

    From emails and messages we have received it is apparent that some fans will be coming on their own, not with a group, so this is a golden opportunity to make new friends and all get to know one another better within the Street Sounds family. Morgan and the team can’t wait to meet each and every one of you in person as I’m sure is the case with the artists and DJs performing at the event.

    This will probably be the only and last time that these musical geniuses will appear on stage together. This is more than a concert or show; it is a once in a lifetime event not to be missed.

    Like UK Fresh ’86, Street Sounds, Electro, Hip Hop fans will be talking and reminiscing about the Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion for decades to come.

    See you at the Street Sounds UK Fresh Reunion on Saturday 16th July!

    Everyone who purchases a ticket(s) within the next 7 days will be automatically entered into a free prize draw where 3 lucky people will WIN a Back Stage Pass and Goodie Bag Giveaway.

    Please visit the Street Sounds website for more information -

    Ticket touts be aware! - We reserve the right to cancel your order. We will monitor all purchases and will make every effort to stop unscrupulous individuals who intend to re-sell tickets. PLEASE ONLY BUY TICKETS FROM THE STREET SOUNDS WEBSITE. Thank you.

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