ZERODOUBLE - Nowhere To Hide featuring R21 and Morphogenetic...out now!

  • Tracklisting:

    1. Zerodouble - Nowhere To Hide ( Original )
    2. Zerodouble - Nowhere To Hide ( Morphogenetic remix )
    3. Zerodouble - Nowhere To Hide ( R21 remix )

    Format: Digital

    Zerodouble returns on Devine Disorder Records, with a scorching new digital release featuring remixes by Morphogenetic and R21. Zerodouble’s original is a brooding Detroit styled Technobass hit, with a punishing bassline, and rich, majestic pads.

    Morphogenetic reworks the entire theme, creating an enigmatic retro-futuristic Electro Funk jam, packed with beautiful strings and pads, taking you on a soulful, yet funky ride through his synthetic landscapes. R21, finishes things off with a powerful remix that will lift you off your seat and unto the floor with his Kraftwerkian robot machine funk. Get it now or listen at Juno Download!

  • Devine Disorder Records founding member and the label’s Director of Art & Media Zerodouble is back !!!
    Hailing from Dudley- West Midlands, UK. Zerodouble started producing hardcore/breaks in the mid 90’s. After a long drought of EDM he bursted on to the scene in 2009, when he was part of The 2nd Chapter e.p the first release on the DDR imprint with one of the standout tracks Timeascum. Then alongside Danny Electro he released one of the most celebrated and top selling releases in the DDR catalog Welcome to Bassville , this release earned a top spot on the top sellers chart and Zero a top ten spot on the Street Sounds Chart. He later followed appearing on the Bass Warriors e.p which also featured Donnie Diggler and Dj R21. And closed out the year on the Route 808 e.p with Dwellz & Dj Nobody. Now he is back with Nowhere to hide a killer electro funk track jam packed with a devastating rhythm, dark pads and a bassline sure to get the dance floor packed. This release also feature two Incredible remixes by two of today’s masters of electro. Morphogenetic brings a haunting and atmospheric rendition with uplifting synth work and spacey pads and R21 brings the funk his hard hitting dance floor destroying remix. All three of these tracks are guaranteed to wreck dance floors and set the party off. Make sure to grab this now available at…ide/1746495-02/

    And everywhere else 6/22/2010

  • All tracks mastered by the one and only Dj R21

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    love the release!
    my fav is the (R2 nº1) remix!!!! also love the Morpho´s atmosphers!

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