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  • A friend and I are thinking about setting up a studio to make some electro / techno / acid , blah blah. I'm putting together a kit-list and need some advise. I have tinkered with software in the past (reason, cubase, vsti's etc) so I know about that stuff, however we're thinking off getting involved with hardware as well as software. What I am looking for is recommendations for monitors, mixing desks, vocoders (hardware or software, any difference?) and synths / drum machines. I already have a Roland PCR 50 midi keyboard which is cool for vsti's, a DX9 which was given to me. (nice bass but fiddly to program) we may have access to a friends 303, and are thinking of getting an 808. I personally would like a sh101 for lead parts, but would like to hear what other people are using. Any ideas suggestions very welcome.


  • hello Angent!
    well your question is a little bit complicated cose tha answers will be very complicated cose everyones will have a diferent opinion!
    heres is mine!!

    drum machine:808,909, jomox,machinedrum,roland r8,606, but.............if you have a exellent sampler you can do(more or less) the same with a battery or virtual sampler, also the d16 software is exellent

    synth: uffffffffff there are alots of sints but ................. MOOG VOYAGER--brutal!! also the nord lead modular, roland 8080, dave smith,kong ms20,sh101,

    monitor:genelec,dynaudio,atc,adam( i am running a alesis mkII and are a shit!!)

  • For vocoders there is soft that could do something (Like Akai DC Vocoder or Vokator or even Orange vocoder) but nothing to compare with hardware.

    So for hardware any of the classic analogic stuff works great:
    -Roland svc-350
    -EMS vocoder 2000
    -korg vc-10

    But hard to get and expensive. I tested many of the new machines and the one I like more (because you can make it sound like oldschool with a bit of experties) is the Korg MS2000 :

    I have the rack version and is quite easy and cheap to get in second hand. Ebay for example.
    Is quite a bit synth for bass and so, also.

    hope it helps.

  • also an old roland synth like say a Juno 106 is always nice for that old analogue feel,

  • rOLAND R-8 MK II IS the best drum machine Roland made after the 808 and 909..so if you are on a budget this is the best you can get--8 assingnable outputs.
    I use a vintage prophet-5 polyphonic synth--the warmest ever made.
    Moog Source mono synth--amazing for bass.
    Novation Nova--great all around VA (with built in vocoder)


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