Here is another oldschool electro song! (Sidney "Let's break")

  • there it is:


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  • thx andre,it was right. I havent heard all of it since 80's. I dont remember if its good. Is it a french production,cause they rap some in french. You knew immediately the answer,but how come they didnt know in oldschool hiphop board. Maybe cause its more like electro? And maybe also becuse its a no american production?

  • It's because, in some areas of music, they are a bit blinkered. (As we are in others)

    My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant.

  • Sidney is a french artist that had the only hip hop show on tv back in 84 in the whole world, yes, u read it right, in the whole world, and only one. It was every sunday afternoon and lasted only about 15mn if I remember right. The whole genenration of 84 was watching it, trust me, was huge back then.
    Sidney actually was in a french funk band that started in the late 70's or early 80's I think and was the french dj red alert with his hip hop radio broadcast in paris on Radio7 in 83-84, I still have a tape of it, aaaaahhhhhh...... memories. Was so great, really !
    I am still trying to find out how it would be possible to get hold on his TV shows, here's a rare excerpt with madonna
    Yeah I know non hip hop, was an exception.

  • Which country are u from action 44? Im from sweden and that show wasnt here anyway. But Sweden had so little hiphop on tv back then. Maybe this production was a co-operation with USA.Cause the beat sound american. And dj red alert was from bronx.

  • It was a french show, I lived back in paris' suburb back then, but have been living in helsinki for a long time now.
    Heja Sverige !!
    Check ur PM man.

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