When did you start listening on electro?

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    Yeah, late as usual!!!!! ;D

    I remember vividly when I heard it. Just left school in June 85', I was 16. My brother starts blasting Queen of Rox from Electro 7 when his mate from school comes round in July and blasts it from his bedroom, I was green with envy... :P

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

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    1986 When I first heard electro first played in my house by my father. Started to collect seriously in 1994. Im Only 30 years old :)

    haha! Bloody hell! You are a young chap. You know your stuff though! :o ;D

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

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    Wayne, don't remember me? Droid34 former handle? thought you were older than 30! your a young boy! hehe

    Of course I remember you !!! hahaaha Young in age.. Old In Knowledge hehehe 8) :cylon: ;D .

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    haha! Bloody hell! You are a young chap. You know your stuff though! :o ;D

    HAHAHA !!!! BHOSE .. 10 copies of star raid for that one m8. I could of done better in me school studies if I didnt study electro funk and hip hop so much hahaha 8) :cylon:

    I thought I was one of the old heads on here.. You guys make me feel young again. But now that I think about it..... I was only like 15 or so when the first Electro Empire was started HAHAHA !!!


  • Im from Miami, Fl USA and I am 29 years old. Growing up in Miami I was surrounded by electro, Miami bass and freestyle at a very young age. But I think it was about 96-97 when I first heard Dynamix II and the when I Soul Oddity's Tone capsule album I was hooked. I always dug old school electro I was a bboy all through middle and high school even out to my early 20's. Im still a big fan you can;t know were youre going till you know were you from!!! :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon: :cylon:

  • First of all this is my first post here... so hello to everyone. I guesse I would have to say 1983. I was already into Electro and B-Boying... but in 1983 while living in Escondido, California I was asked to join a B-Boy Crew called the "Backstreet Breaker's". Everyone had to have their favorite song to play during their battles againts others crews and my favorite was "Space Is The Place" by The Jonzun Crew.

  • 1984.... got into Breakin with a few buds and discovered the Electro albums....hooked then and have been hooked ever since!!! Hey Wayne it's been a longtime bud.......

  • i started listened electro oldschool in 2008....yeah!!!!Im 15 years old now and these MAD songs first time i heared from my uncle.My uncle is 37 now.i wiil listen these music FOREVER.in my age NOBODY hear these songs.but i dont care......KEEP ELECTRO!!!!!

  • Raptell & Alski - Street Knowledge
    Rapture - Vicious Rage
    Run Girl Run - I'll Take Your Money
    The B-Boy Crew - Waited To Break
    Z-Rock Crew - Vocals (On The Front)
    Midi - Kool Is Chillen
    M.C.'s of Rap - Young Girls
    K.C. & Crew - Rap of all Raps
    Ill Chief Rockers - I Gotta Rock

  • Saw Breakin' at the movies when i was 6, the bit where Turbo starts breaking with his broom to the sounds Tour de France blew my precious little wig back. Me and my brother were little pop-lockin monkeys after that. That movie birthed my love of hip hop culture in general, was lucky to get influenced at such an early age.

    So yeah, Turbo + Tour de France = my first hit of electro-crack. I've been chasing the dragon ever since.

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