When did you start listening on electro?

  • It would have been around 84 I think. I was always naturally attracted to electronic music since I was 11 thru chart music. My first Vinyl was Howard Jones' debut album...First Tape: Eurythmics - Touch...and First CD: Pet Shop Boys - Disco. It was my brother who was into Hip-Hop and from him I heard some wonderful electronic sounds of a different kind - funkier! First heard Cybotron - Clear, then The Smurf knocked me sideways, and then bought it on Street Sounds - Crucial Electro. From there I went backwards to really appreciate what Kraftwerk started off. The rest is history!

  • when I was about three someone came into our nursery with a hot tape fresh from NYC some guy called Kool Dj Herc or summit (pre vinyl) this would be around erm lets see 77 so yeah then - been hooked ever since

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