Dominance Electricity pres. DAGOBERT & KALSON "Astronauten EP" ...OUT NOW!

  • Just got back from my holidays and mine is here,awesome ep and poster 8)

    My fave Dagobert track is The Question (S.E.T.I.) & Kalson track is Digital Baroque

  • The writer was probably thinking of Kalson's "Digital Baroque" (which is a bit Daft Punk/Tron style)
    when he wrote that. :) Anyway, with this type of media there are usually lots of little mistakes when
    they report about things like this. But overall this one is still quite correct.

  • My review guys :)

    Dagobert & Kalson - Astronauts EP - Dominance Electricity DR-046.018
    This is not Electro. This is more. This is Dominance Electricity. Created in 1996, Dessau located label has constantly succeeded to push the electro in another dimension giving it a newer exposure. Taking electro to a higher level in a much anticipating vision, Sbassship's untouchable Dominance Electricity structure hits again with the almighty "Astronauts EP", a joint venture of talents featuring two regular signatures on the German structure, Dagobert and Kalson.

    Author of a couple of highly acclaimed albums since the mid 90's on Dominance Electricity, from "Ready To Rock" to "Sonic Sound Of Bass" plus a handful of EPs, German Dagobert invests the first part of this split release with four slammin' tracks of pure madness. In overture, galactic "Lunar Orbit" is your embarking ticket to the Moon. Melting nice spacey sound particles to attractive galactic waves, this short intro is followed by heavy "Astronomie". To bring closer to Blastromen's "Le Nucléaire Civile" gem (Dominance Electricity, XOX) taken from their "Human Beyond LP", this instant classic serves up a sci-fi slaughter based upon a rollin' baseline and melodic strings, some warm robotic lyrics flying over deep atmospheric frequencies. Absolutely stunning! Coming next is "The Question (S.E.T.I.)". In the prolongation of the previous tune, this cyberetroish dancefloor tune delivers a massive orchestral jewel thanks to the use of modular synthesis machines and uncompromised arpeggio programming. Impressive. Finally, eerie "Astronauten Weltenraum" closes Dagobert's session with a feverish combination of intricate tones, complex vibrations and detailed textures over a rhythm that will remind of Charlie's italo-disco-funk "Spacer Woman" anthem. Ace!

    Kalson's part is more to the floor oriented. The Serbian gifted artist from Das Drehmoment & E75 Records blasts it all with emotive "Colosseum In Tokyo", a milestone of a track merging vintage synthesizers to analogue equipment, delivering a very Jarre contribution with modern beats and tremendous Japan vocoderish lyrics. While his remix of Dagobert's "Astronauten Weltenraum", made of a rich orchestration enhanced by inspired melodies, stays true to the original, keeping the main theme alive, "Digital Baroque" ventures into 4/4 landscapes displaying a moody downtempo beast with C64 and SID reminiscences. At last, resurrecting the ancient aliens sound, instrumental "Obscure Nebula" offers a masterly issue to "Astronauts EP" in an striking cinematic style.

    If the vinyl features 6 cuts, the CD contains two bonus tracks so that if you enjoyed traveling thought galaxies on board of Dagobert & Kalson spaceships, you can prolong your trip.
    Following the interstellar successes of "Global Surveyor 3" compilation and "Human Beyond" album, this split EP is nothing sort of incredible harking back to the robotic electro funk sound of the 80's. There's a lot more to say about this melodic collector outing but if we had to sum it up in one word, vital would be this one. Published with a wonderful cover artwork from the like of legendary Argentinian sci-fi comic artist Juan Giménez, this must have EP comes along in both digital (CD and MP3) and colored 12" formats.

    Electro, 12'', limited yellow, green, black VINYL, CD, MP3/WAV

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    Thanks very much for the great review & your support!! 8)

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    waiting for mine :°


    Check your pm's, Steven! :)

    Quote from deaflikeelvis;55702 the way will juno get copies of it?

    This depends on a certain european distributor, as Juno don't buy directly from us. Let's see.
    If possible buy as much directly from labels/artists as possible. Your support is arriving 100% then without all the middlemen. :)

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