Shadowbunny Upcoming Live Shows

  • I am Shadowbunny.
    I play live dark electro bass mostly (all original material, i can't DJ for $h!t, sorry), but also mix in dirty grindy breakbeats and hard techno.

    All shows are free unless otherwise stated but are 18+

    Saturday August 6th @ The Cave 452 1/2 W. FRANKLIN ST
    Chapel Hill, NC with Surrealia, Collaboration With Sound (Wendy Owens) Hypnoticbuddha. LIVE. ELECTRONIC. MUSIC.

    Friday September 30th @ Signal Fest in Raleigh N.C.
    with Spider Lilies
    Death of Analog
    2500 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC 27607

    Friday October 21st @ The Juggling Gypsy
    with MeCanIKill? & Headstone Hollow
    1612 Castle St Wilmington, NC 28401


    Saturday October 29th @ The National Underground
    159 E. Houston Street
    New York, New York

    with MeCanIKill? Orgavin & Headstone Hollow


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