Planet Rock ( Adams Family mix )

  • Would somebody be able to upload an mp3 of this please (pm me), id be very grateful as ive been searching for this record for years.

    Soul-Sonic Force* - Planet Rock (Adams Family Mix)
    Label: Fee Bee Records
    Catalog#: FB-500
    Format: Vinyl, 12"

    Country: US
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Electro
    Notes: Plays the same both sides.
    Rating: 4.0/5 (4 votes) Rate It
    Submitted by: avvy

    A Planet Rock (Adams Family Mix) (7:48)
    B Planet Rock (Adams Family Mix) (7:48)

  • I think I have the mp3 (not at home for 5 more weeks though) and its TERRIBLE!!!
    I can understand the fact someone wants this for collecting reasons, but damn what a horrible tune that is. If no one has uploaded it untill I'm back, I will upload it for ya...

  • The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Adams Family Mix)
    (Test Pressing Fee-Bee 1982)

    it's still on my want list but won't pay more than a tenner if it's crossing my way.


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  • Quote from bokkiebeh

    If you are looking for a great novelty record based on Planet Rock I suggest King Pac by Sid Wallace. Its actually quite good, with Soul Sonic Force's work. Like I said based on Planet Rock with all kinds of Arcade sound of various arcade games from that period. Spending your money on that won't dissapoint you as were you to spend it on the Fee-Bee crap.

    cheers Bokkie ;)

  • Quote from urbanjedi

    Thankyou was good to hear that again, id buy it but not for big bucks, great novelty record though.

    glad could help m8 :)

    i agree on what bokkie said, king pac is by far the better tune and worth the 31 Euros i paid for.

  • What's up people? New to the Empire. I'll just paste what I just posted on YouTube --

    "Bought this when it came out. By Brickyard Mall I believe the shop was called "Hip House" . $7.99 I was like man that's like 3 bucks more than I usually pay for records! Does anyone remember the guy from WGCI that played the Casio over the track? I think it's something like Mike or Mark Marchierelli??

    Hope to meet some cool electro freaks like me! peace!!

    UPDATE: the dj I was thinking of is named Mike Macharello. I remember his name mentioned when they played the record on WGCi.

  • I'm pretty sure this wasn't meant to be a serious ground breaking release. It was a dj or two messing around in studio. "hey hey football" fun stuff

    oh by the way, I still have my SK-5 LOL (no for real)

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