Zakir- The Movement (Incl. Remixes) [R2P005] Out Now!

    Title: The Movement
    Artist: Zakir
    Genre: Tech House, House
    Cat. Number: R2P005
    Format: Digital
    Release Date: October 2011

    ///// About

    New release on "Ready2Play" - single "The Movement" of interesting the Russian
    producer - Zakir. Track is made in all genres of style, great dancefloor track.

    Sollmy Remix: Excellent fits into your live set, or to mix. "Tearing" barrel will
    do on the dance floor the business, confident that people will be happy.

    Fapples Remix: A quality remix from the talented duo of Kazakhstan. A little
    funk, a track attached to the idea of greater originality, this remix will be useful for
    you purchasing.

    Deep Square Remix: Atmospheric remix full of European style. Excellent idea given
    to the composition, the track will look with confidence on the dance floor.

    Dub Makers Remix: Underground remix of the Russian duo. This remix is so, and
    requests to be played on the big fistevale. It would be awesome sound on the "big" sound

    PressRelease from Deep Square.

    ///// Tracklist

    1. Zakir - The Movement (Original Mix)
    2. Zakir - The Movement (Dub Makers Remix)
    3. Zakir - The Movement (Fapples Remix)
    4. Zakir - The Movement (Deep Square Remix)
    5. Zakir - The Movement (Sollmy Remix)

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    ///// Support and Feedback

    Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) -Cool!
    Gai Barone (Armada / Coldharbour / Afterglow / Silk Royal | DI FM / ETN FM)- cool thanks
    Kid Shakers - Thank you for the promo !! Original is the best mix for us !
    Frank Frenzy (100.7 FM TorontoGlobalRadio) - Definately feeling "The Movement"! Original and Deep Square mix sound great! Full support!
    Cristian Poow (Dbeatzion Records) - Original for me. Thanks!
    Kobana (Proton,Silk,Anjunadeep,Particles,Mango Alley) - Original souds great. will try
    Vinayak A - nice vibes :) dub makers and fapples mix for me :)
    Nicholas Van Orton (Balkan Connection South America) - all are great, thanks :)
    Sharam (Yoshitoshi Records, Deep Dish) - downloaded for sharam
    Smootrab - Original & Deep Sqaure for me!
    Dave Cortex - Original and Deep Square mixes for me, thanks for sending.
    Pena (Flow) - dubmakers!
    Deep Future (GU, Gruuv) - Great stuff . Downloading Tnx
    Sander Kleinenberg (Renaissance/GU/Audio Therapy) - Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg.
    Sezer Uysal (Armada, Ministry Of Sound) - Original is good, thanks
    D.O.N.S. - downloading for D.O.N.S. who will feedback
    Max Demand (Proton / Deep Beep) - Original & Deep Square remixes are greaT!
    Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity) - nice depth in the Dubmakers remix here and my pick
    dPen (Hope Recs, STM) - Dub Makers is Ace!
    Johan Nilsson (DI Radio) - Great tech house with a deep vibe. Hard to pick favorite. ENjoying Dub Makers, Fapple and Sollmy remix
    Andrea Bertolini - i will support into my radio show
    Paco Osuna (Plus 8) - DLing for paco. thx.
    Umek (1605) - downloading
    Markus Schulz (Coldharbour) - downloading for Markus thanks
    Maor Levi / 123XYZ (Anjunabeats , Toolroom . Ministry of Sound) - Sweet :)
    Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep) - Dub Makers and Deep Square mix for me here. nice bubbly groove!
    Matan Caspi (Spinnin', Pacha, Harem, UDR) - Original mix for me. thx.

    + and more world DJ

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    Majestic Family Group / Redy2Play Records

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