Breakbeat Associate Vol.4 OUT NOW [NRGBBAVOL4]

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    25 Nov 11…l-4/1868495-02/

    from Dic, 7 2011 in all stores.

    Breakbeat Associate Vol.4 : Chamber, Mafia Kiss, Stex, The Random Scarves, Damage Breaks, Olo Von Borg, Sub-Versive, Another Brother, Miss Big Tits

    Chamber - "XXL" (Mafia Kiss remix) - (06:11)
    Stex - "Paid In Full Break" - (05:30)
    The Random Scarves - "Breathless" - (06:15)
    Damage Breaks - "Joy" - (06:53)
    Sub-Versive - "Express Your Right" (feat Theory Skillfull Attitude - vocal mix) - (03:43)
    Miss Big Tits - "Mr Big Tits" - (06:28)
    Olo Von Borg - "Snap" (extended mix) - (05:31)
    Stex - "Puppet" (Oldskool New York City mix) - (06:34)
    The Random Scarves - "Groovethrob" (Another Brother remix) - (05:22)
    Stex - "Get Wicked" (2011 break mix) - (05:07)
    Damage Breaks - "Little Woozy Girl" - (04:16)
    Stex - "Funkadeliko" (Flower Power mix) - (06:41)



    Funky Extreme EXCLUSIVE
    14 Nov 11
    Funkadeliko (Flower Power mix) - (06:41)
    Funky Extreme - (05:44)
    Review: More funky breaks bizniss from Young NRG's Stex, who cooks up two new bangers on this latest single. "Funkadeliko" is a frantic cut 'n' paste delight with billowing brass loops and popcorn-style funk rhythms all meshed together in style, while "Funky Extreme" loops up a previously un-mined JB classic into an irresistible party starter.


    Stex - OVER (The Album) Out Now in Beatport

    We're proud to present the new album from Stex. OVER- Nine more funky blends from the Young NRG series, which expertly layers well known cuts over brilliant funk tracks to consistently provide amazing moments in dj sets All 9 tracks are well-crafted, perfectly matched and will kick off a party with ease - just remember to act like you're laying down the funkycuts yourself when you play them out!

    Young NRG's resident breaks master Stex blends funk, disco and breakbeat with aplomb on this latest set of bangers - featuring the "Funky Town" groove of "Boogiebomb", the glitterball 'n' bass stomp of "Disco Robot" as well as hip-hop party starters like "Get Wicked" and "Puppet". As a refreshing change of direction though, "Deep" is a slow-burning house-inspired gem that creates an intense groove thanks to some reverbed chords and dubby vocals.…ack/1831343-02/

    Released by: young nrg productions
    Release/catalogue number: NRGSTXOVR
    Release date: Oct 14, 2011

    Boogiebomb (Funkybreak DJ edit mix) - (06:51)
    Disco Robot (oldskool funky mix) - (07:16)
    Express (original funky groovin mix) - (06:52)
    Get Wicked (2011 break mix) - (05:07)
    Good Funky Times (original mix) - (07:15)
    Over (In The Deep mix) - (06:20)
    Puppet (Oldskool New York City mix - free track) - (06:34)
    Super Pupa Funky (Alldamassive Funky Respect mix) - (05:59)
    Funky Crepes (feat Kaneda) - (05:06)

    Damage Breaks - Damage Consciousness -& Crash Report OUT NOW

    Out Now!…ess/1837806-02/

    LISTEN PREVIEW…/damage-breaks/

    Damage Breaks - a promo team, which includes two men, Roman Heineken and Danny.Roman began his career as a DJ and producer in 2007 and appeared at many events in his home town of Nizhnevartovsk in the region, Khanty-Mansiysk (Tyumen Autonomous Region) Danny became interested in electronic music when he was 14 years old. Real, the name of Danny - Denis Akimov, he was born and raised in Estonia in the provincial town of Kohtla-Jarve.. With Denis Roman met in early 2010 at a time Danny started his career as a producer.Joint career guys started in 2011, it then appears promo Damage breaks.The concept of success developed in order to start working and "not to fall face in the dirt."Damage Team Breaks The first method was developed, we can say its mechanism for achieving the best results. Many do not talk about it, because it is small and not very small secrets Breaks damage. Most importantly, do not just drill the heads of people, as well as to penetrate into the atmosphere, listen to opinions, to understand that now might be wondering what will happen to the people of the holiday, what could surprise the audience. Mistakes, of course, are not excluded, but their rapid elimination and reliable solution to the problem provided. And to ensure that mistakes are less and less damage breaks to control what happens in the world DJing, avoiding those failures come upon the other teams.
    Released by: young nrg productions
    Release/catalogue number: NRGDMGBRK
    Release date: Oct 4, 2011

    Little Woozy Girl - (04:16)
    In Isolation - (03:25)
    Joy - (06:53)
    The Witch - (05:29)
    Android - (04:07)
    Dirty Hold - (04:50)
    Funky Step - (04:29)
    Not Organic Drugs - (05:10)


    Lady Break - (05:15)
    Mr Big Tits - (06:28)

    The Random Scarves
    Lunch Breaks

    Breathless - (06:15)
    Groovethrob - (07:12)
    Breathless (Sparxy & Radzta Riot remix) - (04:10)
    Breathless (Udy remix) - (04:39)
    Groovethrob (Another Brother remix) - (05:22


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