• I was at a Steinberg demonstration the other day and it wetted my appetite to produce some music again. Im a casual user of Cubase version 5. My problem is I might not use cubase from one month to the next and EVERY time i come to use it i have to spend half an hour trying to configure my sound card, drivers etc .....

    I recently invested in a decent Scan 3x system mainly for video editing but as i said i fancy a dabble at music again..... my system is based around an i7 processor, gigabyte motherboard, plenty of ram on the Windows 7 64bit operating system.

    I dont have a dedicated sound card at present and here is where i need your help. ideally i would like an internal card under £100. this needs to be windows 7, 64 bit and Cubase 5 compatible. low latency would be good also easy to set up so i dont have to faff around for an hour every time i want to use cubase.

    Suggestions please :)

  • In my old Pc i had the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96, pretty cheap and the best in its price segment.

    Never had problems with the drivers, etc. but you might also check out the Esi maya 44e .

    If it should be something in the box, you should check out the Focusrite Saffire 6 usb it`s about 150 Euros but it has the best mic preamps in this price segment.

    For me it was the best solution to buy the Saffire couse i can dj with it use it for musik making, mastering and mixdown and vocal recording. So im pretty happy with it.

    But check for yourself, i think you can`t do something wrong with the Delta or the Esi.



  • Quote from Genista;58784

    In my old Pc i had the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96, pretty cheap and the best in its price segment.

    Never had problems with the drivers, etc...

    I also use this card and I agree, it`s just fantastic. The only disadvantage on this one is that u only got 1 analog stereo input and 1 analog stereo output. But if u don`t need more that could be the right one. U can buy a second one of this 24/96 later and use them both together. There is 1 control panel (software) where u can see all input and output level and do all settings for up to 4 m-audio cards.

  • Quote from r3d3;58831

    not sure if i could route a stereo signal through the inputs though ?

    Me neither.
    The software plugins from Focusrite are great. If the quality of the hardware is the same this could quite good. But I have no experience with ext. soundcards. Consider that the ways inside a pc are much faster than sending a signal over usb. May be it could be a problem with the latency if you`re having a signal wich is above 16/44!?
    I think the manual could help u with some specific questions: http://www.focusrite.com/download/1192/…+User+Guide.pdf

  • The Scarlett has 24/96 which the Saffire has not. (24/48). :"(

    What makes the saffire better is that you can dj with it. Think about that!

    Maybe later you wanna get Traktor and do a little dance! 8)

    The Scarlett is Usb 2.0 the Saffire is Usb 1.1, which in my opinion makes no difference i never had problems with latency, whatever.

    What speaks out for Focusrite is that the drivers are rock solid, and it definatly has the best Mic-Preamps in it`s class.

    You can route almost anything (synths, Guitar) in the two Mics of both Interfaces and record it. If thats what you ment?

    It has Jack and Xlr inputs.

    P.S.: Maybe you have the chance and test it in a record store nearby.

  • My Dj-Setup consists of an old Laptop with only music on and Traktor, the saffire 6 and a cheap controller for Traktor called Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition.

    The funny thing about this setup is that i only paid about 350 Euros for it.

    And the next class Controller with integrated audi-interface called Jockey Master Edition is about 500 Euros, seen in an actual pricelist from a store in vienna.

    But i have to admit i bought the gear about half a year ago!

    Quick reference, you can save a lot of money with no lack of quality, if you want to. :)

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