• Hello mons,

    A friend introduced me to this forum, which, according to him, will help me get the necessary knowledge and skills to be a good DJ and music producer.

    Let's be honest: I started listening to electronic music only since the beginning of this year. Some of my friends were into hardstyle and made me listen to various DJs and producers from that area, but it has not been until 2011 that I have really been attracted to electronic music, especially electro, house and drum and bass.

    Having fair musical knowledge (I got my violin studies degree and I am only three years away from getting my piano degree) and having been in a couple of bands playing the guitar, it is natural for me to create or to play music in general, and since I've taken such a liking to electronic music I feel the need to express myself through it. I have done a few remixes, mixes, a couple of sessions and a production.

    Here you go, so you can see samples of my work so far:

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    If we gotta call it some way, I'd say it is my first remix and first try with electronic music ever.
    This is my first production, and the only one worth uploading.
    This is my latest, a House session.

    If you check on my soundcloud and YouTube channels, you'll find more from me.

    Now is when the big question rises:

    So far, I have done everything only with PC software, only VDJ and FL9. I am trying to find a mix table and material to help me mix and produce at better quality right now, as well as better software. The same friend who introduced me to this forum is a DJ himself, older and with more experience than I, and adviced me to get Ableton and Reason (I think it was more or less those names).

    So I would beg of the community of this forum to advice me on what material I should get, what software I should use (I'm on a PC) and tips for improving.

    Sorry for the long, boring thread and thanks in advance for your help people!

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