Cryogenetic-"Othacide" Intellegenix (INT098)

  • Returning once again to Intellegenix after some time away, Cryogenetic comes back with the single "Othacide", featuring keyboard work by his studio partner Castelvi. Slowing things down to 110 bpm, Cryogenetic draws inspiration from early Detroit and German electronic music pioneers while blending elements of his own distinct style. Utilizing pre-midi analog gear including a Farfisa vip 500 organ, Yamaha SK-20 synthesizer and of course an 808, he maintains his old school appeal while also taking his sound into the future. Spacey pitched vocals layered on top of a driving 808 beat and vintage synths combine together to bring us to the "Othacide".


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    Now available on Juno and other stores....

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