Robotmachine | The Remixes | Release 26-12-11

  • Robotmachine | The Remixes | Release 26-12-11

    Robotmachine Records returns with it most ambitious digital outing to date!

    Robotmachine – The Remixes | RMR-007
    01 | Robotmachine (Original Mix)
    02 | Robotmachine (Aux 88 Remix)
    03 | Robotmachine (Mandroid Remix)
    04 | Robotmachine (Detroit In Effect Remix)
    05 | Robotmachine (Downrocks Remix)
    06 | Robotmachine (Hardfloor Remix)
    07 | Robotmachine (Detroit Techno Militia Remix)
    08 | Robotmachine (Dark Vektor Remix)
    09 | Robotmachine (Di’jital Remix)
    10 | Robotmachine (Kronos Device Remix)

    Digital download coming soon! 26-12-2011

    Robotmachine Records |
    Dynamik Bass System |
    Thank’s to Chris (Nexus6) for the promo text!

    Dynamik Bass System’s classic “Robotmachine” has been masterly revisited by some heavywheights procuders worldwide featuring VIP’s Aux 88 (Puzzlebox Records), Mandroid (Breakin’ Records), Detroit In Effect (M.A.P Records), Downrocks (Beathazard), Hardfloor (Hardfloor), Detroit Techno Militia(Cratesavers International), Dark Vektor (Dona-Li Records), Di’jital (Twilight 76 Records) and Kronos Device (Battle Trax).

    The result is an outstanding collection of nine premium reworks collected from all around the globe to celebrate the label seventh release and one ofDynamik Bass Systemmost infamous gems (also included in the digital pack as a bonus)!

    Faithful to the cybernetic aesthetic of the original while moving forward in a new direction, each artist on board this huge project has treated the main theme with personal vision and intricate care to details; from UK to Spain passing through USA and Germany, all of them have given the track another facet, covering musical genres such like Miami Bass, Techno Bass, Electrofunk and beyond!

    Following the successful Faster Than Light & Bruno Binary outputs, essential “Robotmachine – The Remixes” serves up a great offering of perfectly balanced hits without compromise, sure to please a wide audience. Ultimate combination of authentic playful cuts fuelled with synthetic melodies, lethal vocoder action, massive 808 programming alongside 4/4 elements and magnificent beats, with notable contributions from Aux 88, Di’jital, Downrocks or Mandroid just to name a few, this is outerspace food for your robots, catchy enough to ensure you contests on the dance floor!


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