• What is electro breaks? A music using breakbeats from electronic music? Like Bam did with Trans Europe Express? Or Rick Rubin did for the Beastie Boys 'Time To Get Ill' by using the Russell Bro's Party Scene break? Please break down for me... or electronic music simulating break beats (electrofunk, electro hip hop)?

    ELECTROFUNK is a subsidiary of HIP HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE, don't you forget it suckaz...

  • I wouldn't call DJ Icey work Electro Breaks for the most part except maybe a track here & there.

    You can try artists like Prizm & Eclipse or The Funk Lab which to me are the two artists that stood out the most when it comes to Electro Breaks. Others may include "Trip Theory", "Mental Blox", "Überzone" and "Urban J"

  • for me electro-breaks are music like jackal and hyde, baby anne and so on. in 2009 i did a mix wich i called electro-breaks. maybe not all the tracks fit in this "genre". but maybe it is not totally wrong
    you can listen it at my soundcloud-page if you like. the tracklist is also there

    b.l.i.m. did also some break-tracks with a touch of electro

  • one of my favorites:


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  • I like Dj Baby Anne, Trip Theory is a banger too actually a Vinyl brought me here called "Swag Drum Hydraulics (Silicon Scally re-remix)"

    I thought like wow these Drums and this electro flavour there must be more to it so i found Electrobreaks and i sure don`t wanna live without that sound any more. :)

    But i have to admit that i did a little research first and found this floridabreaks.org side and i have to say these "modern"?!? sounds, i`m not happy with that it freaks me out, like Electro-house maybe a bit better because of the Beats but all in all not satisfying and i`m not the type of guy that says something like that to impress somebody else.

    In my opinion there is only good music(which i like) and bad music (don`t like) and that`s individually different so to say.

    Thanks guys.

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