[SD016] DARXID::YOU (The Remixes) available now !!

  • Brought to you by the magnificent CROBOT MUSIK compilation DALEKOVODv3 and rewerked on the STREET SOUNDS Nu Electro 3,"You" one of DARXID's most emotional tunes was now remixed by well known artists from the scene: DARK VEKTOR brings in a poppy and uplifting note before MORPHOGENETIC's pads and soundscapes takes over for a melodic travel through our minds. On track 3 we welcome GEON to the row of Subsonic Device artists, a young producer from Malaga, the south of Spain. He pushs the breaks in his mix and showing us his skills of minimalistic but powerful music. You will hear from this guy in future definitely !!! For the ending DARXID hits with his first (!!!) YOU remix: a modern view to the tune that brings out the "Bowie on Steroids" vibe a little bit more and make it mixable for all of the DJs as well.

    DARXID :: You (The Remixes) [SD016]
    available now wherever you buy digital music !!!

    Subsonic Device


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