• Hello everyone Gaz here just joined and have a question to chew the fat over.Ive had a home studio which a few years back I sold for reasons of being skint it consisted of an rs7000,nord lead 2 (rack),micro korg xl,korg esx1,novation ks rack,rm1x,novation drumstation 1 and various outboar effects so Ive messed around a bit and had fun with a few toys butI now want to get back to making a bit of electro/technobass but want to go minimal with equipment . Ithought of a mono machine then maybe a machinedrum later down the line but the thought what would be the best workstation all in 1 synth I dont mind some restrictions to make things interesting.things like juno g,yamaha motif things of that nature or am I barking up the wrong tree :-/

  • Or maybe you get a pc or mac, than you have endless opportunities..............

    Ni Maschine when youre a MPC Lover...

    Arturia Spark; when you like that Oldschool Groovebox thing, or any other Midi Controller on the market.

    Wait, what i had a long time ago was a Korg Electribe (there is a version with a sampler and a version with a synthesizer).

    Hope it helps........ :)

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