biz markie & big daddy Kane - 22 JUNE LONDON

  • went last night good gig

    bizmarkie came on first about 11pm but was a bit hit and miss - he did some beat boxing andw ran through a few of the classics was joined by big daddy kane for rhyming with the biz before bdk took over and ran the show doing wrath of kane, set it off , raw etc as well as some stuff i haven't heard before, some fast acopella rapping and even did a dance routine with his dj

    the one surprise was the audience - probably only 3/4 full

  • Glad you enjoyed it, i've seen a few acts from back in the day and tbh it just aint as good as now as it was back then, so i've decided to have the fond memories and not go anymore.

  • I`m actually surprised it was 3/4 full thought it would have been less to be truthful.

    There hardly playing on current material, just memories.

    i`m with Nuklion i saw virtually every act who came to these shores from 1987-1993 when they were at their peak.

    Live from TTO studios

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