Mazzula - Roads Leading LP

  • I’ve never done an LP before . . . . . which is strange cos over the years I’ve been quite prolific.

    I suppose I’ve always struggled for a common theme which might link tracks together, cos thats what an LP is, it should flow as a single entity. Now I have a theme, and it’s kinda just taken the passage of time for me to realise, that the period when these tracks were written, was a notable one, and I had a sound then, which I just don’t now. It was born out of a desire to do something different, mostly written in an out-house come ramshackle lean-to made out of old pallets, its a miracle any of this music happened at all. 2 coats and -8C at 3am didn’t put me off, as condensation dripped from the plastic roof on to the laptop. I eventually had my reward, becoming a regular fixture in the electro room @ Atomic Jam, Birmingham UK. This is a collection of the music created along the way, by someone driven by a need to be different, to push the boundaries of electro and not be drawn in to the fickle come and go of fads and trends.

    Nowadays the art of the LP is seemingly becoming lost, with the things becoming shorter and shorter, and containing no ‘filler’. The question of whether or not an LP is better with ‘filler’ is a questionable one. I know that its always a thing of curiosity that techno artists foray into all sorts of weird and wonderful areas when building their ‘concept’ LP. Jeff Mills jazz anyone? These fillers sometimes seem like the ‘art’ that glues the other tracks together, and it can get a bit pretentious. So I’ve not done that, there were things that I could have put on, but they don’t truly represent that time, or even what I do. Thats what this LP is, its representative, its full on from beginning to end (there’s no jazz on it) and it should be, because thats how things are.

    I hope you enjoy. . . . . .

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