Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew - My Hands are quicker than the eye

  • Been checking out an old Street Scene mag and couldn't believe the review for this cut.

    This was the review.... 10 words

    "Old hat vocoder voice over beatbox rythm that goes nowhere"

    eh? eh? this is one of my fave tunes of all time and rocks from start to finish... on mosts peoples wants list and costs a bloomin fortune to buy when it comes up for sale... ;D i could listen to this piece of wax all top tune........ still ain't got the 12 on the shelves though.......shit! day. ???

    what do ya think fellas?

    Edit: just noticed I spelled Crew wrong ::)

  • I really like this track as well, love the backing although the scratching is not the best.

    I can kind of understand the review though, Street Scene was all about being up front and you can imagine whoever did the reviews would like to think of themselves as 'in the know' with the latest sounds. When this track came out it was late 85/early 1986, it wasn't exactly ground breaking. The likes of LL Cool J & Mantronix had just dropped big albums and were coming with new ideas, and Marley Marl's heavy production was the thing of the time.

    Still a great record though.

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