• clone machine
    mas 2008 - undestroyable structures
    trv (not repress) :P
    sbassship - corridors of time
    blotnik brothers - museful revolution
    dagobert - on the run :P

    and will order soon:
    new blastromen and egypt ear werk

  • -The Boyz From Tronn - Radio / Destiny (Barbossa Rec) 12"
    -Virgill Fresh & Imperial Astro Kid "The Navigator" (Barbossa Rec) 12"
    -Virgill Fresh & Astro Kid "Sector #7" (Barbossa Rec) 12"


  • Got a couple of joints from The Advent (the tracks featured in those Rascal mixes as a matter of fact).

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • Cybonix 'Cybonix Groove' (Dbass)
    Egypt Ear Werk 'Werk Of Art' (Kust Musik)
    Andreas Herz 'Ego & Psycho' (Minimal Rome)
    Professor X 'Statix' (Clone) ...finally

    Quote from boomzilla

    Got a couple of joints from The Advent (the tracks featured in those Rascal mixes as a matter of fact).

    also check the "Time Trap Teknik" album...
    its a compilation of the B-side electro tracks spread
    on all the Kombination Research techno 12"s.
    some of his best works imo.

  • All these are over the past 2 or 3 months cause I got them in like a cycle I been buying more vinyl be4 I get the first ones in the mail. LOL.

    So we got….
     Illektrolab-Advanced Robotiks EP
     AS1-Eyes of Man
     Monotone comp 2 – Love
     Exzakt-Speka Breaka
     Imatran Voima-Techno Slut-Clear
     DBS- Robotmachine
     Manasyt-Brainwash
     Metaminds
     Volsoc-Compuphonic Intelligence
     Umwelt-Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
     Analogue Audio Association-Zangenhand
     Hack the Tab is Back
     Overdose-The Beat
     Eon-Component X
     Resident Alien-Machine Vs. Man
     Imatran Voima-Commando
     Boris Divider-Shutdown the System
     Exzakt-Electronic Dream
     Assimilate This! Vol. 1
     Blastromen-Blasteroids EP
     Transparent Sound-Hell Bent
     IF-Space Invaders- Viewlexx
     Drum Factory-In the Middle

    All of these are pretty good. Recommended, Except Maybe Hell Bent, only had 1 maybe 2 good tracks.

  • Drum factory... nice... that label really had some great 12"s! (Mystery Man rocks too.)

    Various - Assimilate This! (Battle Trax 013)
    Gab.Gato vs XBeat - No Light or shadow EP (Villains Inc 002)
    Downrocks - Beathazard (Downrocks)
    Computor Rockers - Computor Interface (Breakin 49)
    Metamorphosis (Melodija) 1980 ...nice weird russian synth fleamarket find ;D

  • just got
    Newcleus - Destination Earth 12 on Dominance
    Dynamik Bass System - The Mighty Machine CD

    I a very happy robot at the moment

    to the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm FRESH!

  • hello , last 12'' we get :

    -Downrocks "Beathazard" (Beathazard 02)
    -Sace 2 "Prohibido El Ritmo" (Beathazard 03)
    -Downrocks Vs Split DJ "A Split Hazard" (Beathazard 04)

    excellent material!!

    also waiting to land in Athens... Imperial Astro kid's - Boys from the tronn

  • Couple wack ones in hear couple good ones imo...
    Eedio - Hero (Device)
    Clone Theory - Mismatched Frequencies (Electrolab)
    Jock D - Start The Party (Cut It Up Def Records v2.0)
    Alpha 606 - Computer Controlled (Dopamine Records)
    Ectomorph - Breakthrough (Interdimensional Transmissions)

  • got these last time:

    Majic-12 -B Boy Blues-Beau Monde 7Inch 1998
    Pametex -45 - Bunker 2003
    Deflektorz-Deflekt EP -Black Label 2001
    Stevo & Mr-Twist - Bassmatic Pulse -Crocodile Bitse 2000
    Stevo & Mr.Twist - 8 Ohms -Crocodile Bites 1999
    DMX Krew-Showroom Dummies -Gigolo 1998
    Scape One- Sigma Delta -Iwari 2004
    Mr.Velcro Fastener-Lucky Bastards -I220 Double LP 1999
    808 Mafia-808 Mafia Am Abzug -Dominance 1996
    Dynamik Bass System-The Mighty Machine Double LP-Dominance Electricity 2008

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